It’s that time of the year again, wedding season has finally arrived! Whether you’re the guest of honour, a bridesmaid, or the bride herself this year, you’ve probably got a lot to consider from what to wear to what hairstyle to have.

But don’t despair, USPAAH is here to help! Luckily this wedding season, we’ve partnered with our friends at Hire That Look and Solely Original to offer you exclusive discounts on dresses and shoes.

This means that USPAAH has you covered from all angles – whether its hair, nails, makeup, the wedding dress or wedding shoes you need help with. Continue reading for some wedding inspiration we’re sure you’ll love.

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1. Hair

This season is all about braids – from simple plaits to fishtail braids. Whether your style is up, half up, or down, a carefully placed braid can add the perfect amount of detail to your do. A textured style is an effective way to show off your balayage and multi-tonal colour – add different textures with a combination of braids, twists, knots and buns. Whether you decide to braid or not to braid, book with one of our fully trained Sparistas who can help you find your perfect Wedding hair do.

2. Nails

It’s important to not distract from your ring or bouquet if you are the bride, so neutral, nude or blush tones on a bride can always look clean and sophisticated – our Sparistas have a range of shades available to suit your style. Add a touch of sparkle with a some glitter or gems. You may also want to opt for Shellac/gel which won’t chip on the special day and can last up to 2 weeks meaning that you’ll have perfect nails for your honeymoon too!

3. Makeup

Whether you are after a neutral look or something more dramatic, our Sparistas will make sure you feel comfortable on the big day. You may opt to focus on lips with a classic red lip, enhance your eyes with a smokey eye, or keep things simple with a natural look. Highlighters are in this summer, so be sure to ask for a tough of shimmer on your cheeks to catch that perfect sparkle. Oh, and opting for waterproof mascara may also be a good idea (happy tears of course!).

4. The Dress

We have partnered with our friends at Hire That Look, a brand new luxury fashion rental site that gives you the freedom and flexibility to access top designer brands without the financial commitment.

We are offering our USPAAH customers an exclusive 20% off hiring your designer dress – simply use code GLAM20** when making your first booking.

5. The Shoes

And as if that wasn’t enough, we have also partnered with our friends at Solely Original, a company that lets you design your own shoes. Simply use code nMEBh8*** to receive free express shipping worth £60.


*Code valid until 30th September 2018

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With the Autumn Winter 2017 Bridal Week featuring an array of the usual suspects, exposed backs, high lace necklines, and dramatic trains, the bridal trends for this season aren’t holding back. Think all of the above, with a little more oomph. Welcome folky embroideries, floral embellishments, and the most opulent of hues. Here, the reigning bridal trends of AW17.


Bridal Hair

With major references to the AW17 Bridal shows, an array of soft and wispy chignons could be seen taking centre stage, capturing a romantic and timeless feel. To achieve this look, we’ll let you in on our Sparistas best hair care secret, Oribe’s Dry Texturising Spray (£20). Perfect for adding easy texture to an understated and artistic style. If you’re not a fan of your hair up, then this seasons hair must-have is the gold leaf hair vine (£80), teamed with loose waves, or even soft braids, it adds that touch of ethereal and avant-garden style chic.


Bridal Dress

Evolving from simple off the shoulder style gowns of the summer, to cold-shouldered floral details, designers have taken flowers to a whole new level this season. We’re talking about the most exquisite, so-delicate-you’ll-want-to-cry 3D embellishments, and volumes of tulle and ruffles. We’re completely in love with this beautiful gown from the incredible Bridal design house, Mira Zwillinger. The barely there nude bodice beneath the sheer white tulle ensures that this modern and ethereal take on a classic style silhouette screams more is more.


Bridal Makeup

As a daring contrast to a white or ivory gown, keep your skin fresh and dewy, and then add a bold statement with a vampy style lip. Donned by the squad of brides at the Naeem Khan show, be brave and bold with Nars’ Audacious Lipstick in colour ‘Charlotte’ (£25). For a softer look, try a nude lip with a slightly contoured dewy finish on the skin – we’re looking at you, Armani luminous silk foundation (£40). These makeup looks aren’t just limited to the Bridal party -Autumnal beauty and wardrobe trends are too good to miss out on!


TH Ring

Now, if you’re a future Bride, bridesmaid, relative of the wedding party, or simply reading this blog and feeling serious wedding envy (admit it), we’ve got a little treat for you. We’ve teamed up with our favourite wedding ring designers at Taylor & Hart, offering you guys 150 GBP off  bespoke engagement rings, using the code USPAAH150 at checkout ( Providing a personal service from the second you schedule your consultation, through to your wedding and beyond, you wont want to miss out.


Bridal Flowers

With the transitioning of seasons, come the vibrant hues of deep reds, rich gold’s, and palettes of creams, yellows and peaches. Whether you’re a fan of wildflowers, or prefer big bold bouqets, anything goes. Take a look here at Wedding Flowers Expert, Karen Barnes’ inspo guide to the prettiest of palettes. Flowers never looked so instagrammable.

For hair and makeup appointments for yourself, and your bridal party don’t hesitate to contact us on or call 020 7101 3534.


Everyone knows that it’s the Brides special day, but here at USPAAH, we know how important it is for you wedding guests to feel beautiful too. So, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you! Whether you’re the mother of the bride, part of the bridal party, or even the grooms, sisters, friends, boyfriend’s aunty – we’ve got you covered! Keep scrolling for a range of wedding packages and deals that you won’t be able to resist.

Hair and Makeup at £92 (Saving £10)


Manicure and Pedicure from £68 (Saving £10)

Nails package

Spray Tan at £45


Bridal Makeup Package at £309 (Trial and the Wedding Day) and additional Bridal Party per person at £59

Bridal package

If you would like to book in for some of your favourite treatments in the final week before yours or your friends special day, then Contact USPAAH on 020 7101 3534 or email

Male groom

This blog is for all of the men out there, the courageous souls who are about to say “I do”. There’s many a guide written to help future brides prepare for their wedding, yet certainly not enough dedicated to all of the fellas that are also awaiting one of the biggest, special and important days of their lives. Preparation is key if you want to look and feel your best alongside your new stunning wife and let’s face it, you’re probably going to need our help. Gentlemen, it’s time to get your s***together. 



This doesn’t mean eating ‘rabbit food’, it means fuelling your body with the right stuff. Cut out the junk – protein, healthy fats and whole grains are the only foods you’ll be bingeing on for the next few weeks! If you don’t have time to prepare everything yourself then try out celebrity favourite, Fresh Fitness Food, a premium delivery service offering fresh, quality food that is customised to your exact needs by specialised nutrition guru’s.



If you don’t already go to the gym, then you’re probably not going to be able to pull off Chris Hemsworth’s abs in a month – tears all round! However, you do have time to make a difference, so get pumping that iron. If you’re looking for an extra push in the right direction, then check out our list of London’s best personal training studios –  one-on-one training from a personal trainer and a professional nutritionist will work wonders in motivating you. Exercise also helps bump up the production of your brain’s feel-good endorphin’s, so it’s a win win. 



Start with washing twice a day and take a look at some of the face creams or post-shave treatments that are available for men, like Khiel’s Ultimate Man Series – you’ll be surprised at how easily this becomes a routine and you might even start to like it. If you’re totally unsure give us a call and we’ll bring our spa to you, and don’t worry, no man points lost around here!



As we mentioned last week, getting enough sleep has huge benefits for your physical and mental health, so try to prioritise getting some rest in the weeks approaching the big day. No more working after hours in the office, or Netflix binge-watching! If you really want to unwind then now is your excuse to book that much needed massage.

We offer various treatments including facials and massages, starting from £68. 

Want to make a group booking for you and a friend? Simply contact or call 020 7101 3534

Just got engaged, or expecting your soul mate to pop the question anytime? Here are a few tips that will help you achieve picture perfect hands for all those ring-selfies that you’ll be sending to your friends and family. Looking for design inspiration? Visit Taylor and Hart, award winning purveyors of custom engagement rings, and use code USPAAH150 for £150 off your bespoke ring.

Prepping your hands before the ring

Keeping hands soft and gentle is essential for every woman, but especially for a lady that’s about to get an eye-catching piece of jewellery. “I use hand cream or cuticle oil a few times a day, and that has really helped my hands maintain a soft and gentle appearance” – says Iglika Ghouse, CEO and founder of USPAAH. “Jessica’s phenom oil really penetrates the cuticles and is perfect for those little top ups in between meetings”. Nails should be trimmed and given a natural shape, and if you want a longer lasting finish, then do go for a gel manicure so you won’t have to rush back to the manicurist a few days later. Book your on demand manicure and let USPAAH bring the spa to your door.

The perfect shades to complement the ring

Stick to a colour that you feel comfortable wearing, and one that reflects your personality. Keep the look solid, and skip the nail art — you want to let your ring take all the spotlight.

Feminine: Soft Pink, French or Nude

Effortlessly chic and sleek, you can’t go wrong with powder pink, classical French or a neutral shade manicure next to your new rock.


Try a little twist: If you want something a little more exciting try adding one or two very thin metallic stripes to your ring finger only.

Bold: Cherry or Royal Red

A classic is a classic for a reason – because it works. Bold yet timeless, red looks stunning in photos and never goes out of style. Years from now, you’ll look back at your photos and say “Nailed It!”


Try a little twist: Peach Champagne

Equally refreshing, with an added feel of youthfulness and fun, peachy Champagne would look particularly nice next to a rose gold setting.

Joyful: Elegant White

Crisp, clean and classy, white never fails, no matter the season. Try the look of an opaque white creme, glossy or matte – next to a sparkling engagement ring, the contrast feels just right.


Try a little twist: Metallic Solid

Try to find a metallic colour that looks good with the metal in your ring and paint your ring finger with it.

Dramatic: Wild-berry Purple

If there is one day to feel like a star, it should be your engagement day. Sophisticated, feminine, and totally royal, a manicure with a deep, glossy finish will give your newly engaged hands an old Hollywood feel.


Try a little twist: Add Glitter

Give a hint of sparkle to your manicure with a gold or silver glitter polish.

Nailed the look, now let’s keep it for longer…

Your engagement manicure will last longer if you add a very thin layer of topcoat every third day. Also when applying the topcoat, make sure you cap the tip of the nail with the polish – this will seal the colour and will make a huge difference in the wear.  We recommend Jessica Brilliance High Gloss Top Coat.


Hey guys, thinking about popping the question, but confused about what to do and when? Here are a few tips that will help you nail the essentials to ensure she remembers this day forever…


1. Ask for her parents blessing

It may seem old-fashioned, but there is great chivalry in asking your future father-in-law for his blessing. It is a very respectful and kind gesture which both him and your sweetheart will appreciate for many years to come. Recommended timeline, about a month before proposing.



2. Choose the right ring for her

As a man, this is perhaps the most difficult task you’ll be faced with leading up to the wedding itself, so it is important to enroll the help of close friends and family at least a few months ahead. Set a budget, ask her friends or her mum, what ring size does she wear? Does she gush about a particular ring design when she sees it in a magazine? Is there a family heirloom that has been kept for this very reason, and will it do?  You want to be sure that when she opens that little box, her eyes will shine as much as the dazzling symbol of love she is gazing upon. For some expert tips we asked our friends at Rare Pink, award winning purveyors of custom engagement rings. Here is what they said:

“Creating a unique engagement ring allows you to embody your story into a ring that is made to be worn and admired for a lifetime. Our number one tip is to focus on what your partner’s taste is, as opposed to yours. Take a look at her style, existing jewellery, preferred type of metal or even her Pinterest boards to see what she likes.”  

For £150 off your bespoke engagement ring, use code USPAAH150. Start your designing now.



3. Personalise and Surprise

Every girl wants that hollywood movie experience when during an incredibly romantic moment, completely unexpectedly she is presented with a little box. But how do you choose the right moment? There are so many locations and activities which could be “right”. The key is personalisation. Pick a spot, no matter where it is, which holds sentimental value to her or to you both. Think about what she has said she loves doing or where she loves going time and time again. Be prepared, perhaps even have someone on standby to film and capture it all, but don’t tell too many people about it, you still want to maintain the surprise.



4. Be formal and get down on one knee.

It’s unclear when the first proposal on one knee happened, but what is certain is that almost every girl wants her man to follow in that tradition. It’s an incredibly romantic gesture and one that signifies the very essence of committing one’s life to another. Use her full name when proposing; it may seem formal, but it gives the moment that much more gravitas and power.



5. A spa manicure for picture perfect hands

What happens after a girl gets engaged? She stares at her hand for ages and takes tonnes of pictures to send to all her friends, so why not treat her to a blissful mani a few days before you plan to propose, and make sure her hands are camera ready. USPAAH manicures start at £34 and our Spaahristas can come to you 7am-10pm 7 days a week. Cheeky self-promotion alert 😉



She said “YES”!

“I loved being engaged and being a bride to be, full of anticipation and excitement!”- says our founder Iglika Ghouse. Enjoy this time to the fullest, and if you ever get overwhelmed with wedding planning duties, remember, USPAAH is here to make your life a bit less stressful, one massage or beauty treatment at a time.