Everyone knows that it’s the Brides special day, but here at USPAAH, we know how important it is for you wedding guests to feel beautiful too. So, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you! Whether you’re the mother of the bride, part of the bridal party, or even the grooms, sisters, friends, boyfriend’s aunty – we’ve got you covered! Keep scrolling for a range of wedding packages and deals that you won’t be able to resist.

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Just got engaged, or expecting your soul mate to pop the question anytime? Here are a few tips that will help you achieve picture perfect hands for all those ring-selfies that you’ll be sending to your friends and family. Looking for design inspiration? Visit Taylor and Hart, award winning purveyors of custom engagement rings, and use code USPAAH150 for £150 off your bespoke ring.

Prepping your hands before the ring

Keeping hands soft and gentle is essential for every woman, but especially for a lady that’s about to get an eye-catching piece of jewellery. “I use hand cream or cuticle oil a few times a day, and that has really helped my hands maintain a soft and gentle appearance” – says Iglika Ghouse, CEO and founder of USPAAH. “Jessica’s phenom oil really penetrates the cuticles and is perfect for those little top ups in between meetings”. Nails should be trimmed and given a natural shape, and if you want a longer lasting finish, then do go for a gel manicure so you won’t have to rush back to the manicurist a few days later. Book your on demand manicure and let USPAAH bring the spa to your door.

The perfect shades to complement the ring

Stick to a colour that you feel comfortable wearing, and one that reflects your personality. Keep the look solid, and skip the nail art — you want to let your ring take all the spotlight.

Feminine: Soft Pink, French or Nude

Effortlessly chic and sleek, you can’t go wrong with powder pink, classical French or a neutral shade manicure next to your new rock.


Try a little twist: If you want something a little more exciting try adding one or two very thin metallic stripes to your ring finger only.

Bold: Cherry or Royal Red

A classic is a classic for a reason – because it works. Bold yet timeless, red looks stunning in photos and never goes out of style. Years from now, you’ll look back at your photos and say “Nailed It!”


Try a little twist: Peach Champagne

Equally refreshing, with an added feel of youthfulness and fun, peachy Champagne would look particularly nice next to a rose gold setting.

Joyful: Elegant White

Crisp, clean and classy, white never fails, no matter the season. Try the look of an opaque white creme, glossy or matte – next to a sparkling engagement ring, the contrast feels just right.


Try a little twist: Metallic Solid

Try to find a metallic colour that looks good with the metal in your ring and paint your ring finger with it.

Dramatic: Wild-berry Purple

If there is one day to feel like a star, it should be your engagement day. Sophisticated, feminine, and totally royal, a manicure with a deep, glossy finish will give your newly engaged hands an old Hollywood feel.


Try a little twist: Add Glitter

Give a hint of sparkle to your manicure with a gold or silver glitter polish.

Nailed the look, now let’s keep it for longer…

Your engagement manicure will last longer if you add a very thin layer of topcoat every third day. Also when applying the topcoat, make sure you cap the tip of the nail with the polish – this will seal the colour and will make a huge difference in the wear.  We recommend Jessica Brilliance High Gloss Top Coat.