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Get an Expert Deep Tissue Massage in London

USPAAH offers mobile deep tissue massage across all of London, giving you the most convenient and relaxing way to get back to your better self. Our experienced therapists will carry out a careful initial assessment and then work on releasing the tension in all of your muscle groups with deep pressure and targeted strokes. All our staff work in compliance with the latest Covid precautions.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage works to improve your overall condition in many ways:

  • Improves Posture: If you sit at a desk all day long and suffer from poor posture as well as pain and stiffness in the back and neck, a deep tissue massage can help tackle these multiple issues.
  • Relaxes sore muscles – lactic acid build up after regular strenuous workouts can lead to long-term loss of flexibility and mobility. A deep muscle recovery treatment not only reduces muscle tension and knots, but also breaks up the accumulation of lactic acid, and flushes out toxins.
  • Includes Reflexology –  Reflexology is a highly effective technique of pressure point manipulation, usually applied to feet, hands and neck. Should you wish, this can be added to your Deep Tissue Massage.
  • Treatment tailored to your specific needs: depending on the kinds of exercise you do and your own unique body, you’ll have certain areas which may be causing you problems – and these may differ from those of anyone else. Whether it is legs, arms, upper or lower back, your therapist will examine your body and target the problem areas specifically.
  • Most convenient: after you book an outcall deep tissue massage via the USPAAH app or website, you just need to sit back and relax. Our therapists bring a folding massage bed and custom-made massage oils, and everything else needed for a spa-quality experience at your home, office, or hotel.

What to expect when you book a mobile deep tissue massage

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  • Our therapists bring a professional massage bed and oils, please have 2 towels ready to provide for the treatment
  • Your Sparista will begin with a personal consultation to ascertain your individual condition and needs.
  • The techniques they use include the application of pressure from hands – including thumbs and knuckles – as well as elbows in order to exert the necessary amounts of force. Feel free to tell your therapist if you’d like then to increase or decrease pressure at any point during your treatment.
  • After your deep tissue massage treatment, it is normal to feel slightly sore. Once your body has had time to adjust and flush out toxins, you’ll experience a sense of relief and lightness.

How to prep for your session and aftercare

  • The best thing you can do before your mobile deep tissue massage therapist arrives is to set yourself up to relax. This will almost certainly involve turning off your phone and other devices. You may also want to put on some relaxing music and try to get some rest.
  • Try not to eat anything at least 1hr before your treatment as this may cause a rather uncomfortable feeling when lying on your stomach.
  • You’ll be asked to undress to your underwear, so make sure you have a comfortable pair on.
  • You’re welcome to set the mood with candles, or any preferred music you have.
  • A hot shower or bath with magnesium salts is the absolute best way to follow a blissful massage, but if you prefer to go straight to bed that’s fine too. You’ll sleep like a baby either way. Just make sure to drink plenty of water, or herbal tea, as your body flushes out toxins thanks to improved circulation. A blissful bath accompanied with your preferred choice of bath salts is an excellent way to follow your deep tissue massage, but if you’re very tired, then you can go straight to sleep. Drink plenty of water, or herbal tea, to help your body flush out toxins.

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Will a deep tissue muscle recovery treatment be right for me?

This treatment is perfect if you suffer from sore muscles, neck, leg, lower back pain, and you are used to strong pressure massages in the past. Most active people think they necessarily need sports massage. But this is not usually correct. Check our post on the difference between sports and deep tissue massage to learn more.

Where can I book a home deep tissue massage in London?

USPAAH covers all of London within M25, and you can book your deep tissue massage via our mobile app or website.

Can I rebook the same therapist again if I like them?

Absolutely! We love hearing that you’ve found “the one”. You can re-book your previous therapists quickly and easily via our app or website. If it’s your first time booking with USPAAH, you can select a male or female therapist and our system will automatically allocate the closest and highest rated therapist available near you.

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