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Enjoy a Relaxing and Soothing Couples Massage at Home

Couples Massage
£128 from £113 (with first booking code COUPLES15)

2 Therapists arrive with professional massage beds and organic custom-made massage oils. Choose from Swedish Relaxing or Deep Muscle Recovery treatments.

Treat yourself and a partner to the ultimate relaxation and pampering with one of our at home Couples massage services in London. Two of our highly trained therapists will arrive and set the scene for an entirely blissful experience. Get all the benefits of a soothing, relaxing traditional massage or opt for a firmer deep tissue treatment with added pleasure on target muscle groups. All our staff work in compliance with the latest Covid precautions.

Couples Massage at Home by USPAAH, the ultimate bliss:

Book a mobile Couples massage when you want to enjoy:

  • All the benefits of a full Swedish or Deep Tissue massage: feel your cares and worries being gently worked away through the attentions of your therapist’s firm, trained hands. Each of you can choose from one of our most popular treatments Swedish Relaxing or Deep Muscle Recovery massages. If one person is pregnant, or if you’d like a Thai Massage, please book a Pregnancy or Thai Massage separately, and not as a couples massage.
  • Added romance or a little special treat: share your at-home couples massage with your partner for an extra dose of romance, or invite a friend for a much-deserved birthday treat. Some candles and chilled music are always a good call.
  • A perfect addition to a party, spa day, or wedding celebration: our “couples” sessions are also regularly booked as a relaxing addition to all types of special occasions such as Valentine’s day treats, hen parties, bridal showers and more.
  • Avoid worries over salon availability: few salons have treatment rooms fitted for two people. Plus, most salons are nowhere near as relaxing or romantic a setting as what you can create at home.
  • Complete convenience: we provide home couple massage services in almost every part of London. Book yours in your hotel too, if you want to make your visit to London that more special. Just make sure your hotel room has enough space for 2 massage beds together so you can enjoy your relaxing full body treatment.

What to expect from your treatment and aftercare

couples massage at home service

  • When you book a Couples’ massage, we’ll send 2 therapists to your home or hotel together. They’ll bring massage tables and oils, so all you need to do is provide towels, sit back and relax.
  • Your Sparistas will perform a consultation with each person to ascertain which type of treatment would be best for you, a more relaxing Swedish, or a stronger deep tissue massage.
  • Each treatment will be a full body experience, but you can advise your therapist to focus on any combination of your neck, back, head and face for a more localised tension relief.
  • After your blissful full body treatment we recommend having a hot bath, to fully unwind muscles, and remember to drink plenty of water or detox tea to help flush out toxins.

How to prep for your visiting Couples massage

Uspaah Therapists

  • There isn’t much to do really as your therapists will bring a massage bed and oils with them, and we kindly ask just to have a couple of extra towels handy as for hygiene purposes we do not provide towels.
  • We usually suggest to refrain from eating an hour before any massage as digesting heavy food may make you feel uncomfortable during treatment.
  • Make sure you’re wearing comfortable underwear as we’ll ask you to leave it on throughout your treatment.
  • Being relaxed is your main goal, so try to turn off your phone, light any candles and put some of your favourite music on.

How it works

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Q. Is an at-home Couples massage the best choice for me?
A. If you are with your friend or partner and want to enjoy a relaxing, pampered afternoon together, then yes. If you’re looking for a massage designed for after sports or exercise, we would suggest our Deep Muscle Recovery massage.

Q. What if I want just 1 therapist to do back-to-back treatments, instead of 2 together?
A. That’s absolutely fine, just head to our Swedish or Deep Muscle Recovery massage options and choose 2 x back-to-back sessions with 1 therapist, instead of a Couples’ Massage.

Q. Can I have this treatment while pregnant?
A. We have a special pregnancy massage designed just for you, as long as you are past 12 weeks. Please book that separately, and not as part of a couples Massage.

Q. Where is Couples massage available in London?
A. We provide mobile Couples massage services all over London, including zones 1-6. You can book online, or via our mobile app in just a few clicks. Choose from same-day appointments or save and book up to 3 weeks in advance. Sundays are our busiest days, so we’d definitely recommend booking your Sunday Couples massage at least a day in advance, and enjoy a relaxing full body treatment for 2.

Q. What is the best massage oil for couples?
A. Choosing massage oils for a couples massage is a matter of your partner & your individual preferences. Some of the most popular are jojoba oil or sweet almond oil. Our visiting massage therapists come fully equipped with a wide variety of aroma oils, to choose from.

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