This blog is for all of the men out there, the courageous souls who are about to say “I do”. There’s many a guide written to help future brides prepare for their wedding, yet certainly not enough dedicated to all of the fellas that are also awaiting one of the biggest, special and important days of their lives. Preparation is key if you want to look and feel your best alongside your new stunning wife and let’s face it, you’re probably going to need our help. Gentlemen, it’s time to get your s***together. 


This doesn’t mean eating ‘rabbit food’, it means fuelling your body with the right stuff. Cut out the junk – protein, healthy fats and whole grains are the only foods you’ll be bingeing on for the next few weeks! If you don’t have time to prepare everything yourself then try out celebrity favourite, Fresh Fitness Food, a premium delivery service offering fresh, quality food that is customised to your exact needs by specialised nutrition guru’s.


If you don’t already go to the gym, then you’re probably not going to be able to pull off Chris Hemsworth’s abs in a month – tears all round! However, you do have time to make a difference, so get pumping that iron. If you’re looking for an extra push in the right direction, then check out our list of London’s best personal training studios –  one-on-one training from a personal trainer and a professional nutritionist will work wonders in motivating you. Exercise also helps bump up the production of your brain’s feel-good endorphin’s, so it’s a win win. 


Start with washing twice a day and take a look at some of the face creams or post-shave treatments that are available for men, like Khiel’s Ultimate Man Series – you’ll be surprised at how easily this becomes a routine and you might even start to like it. If you’re totally unsure give us a call and we’ll bring our spa to you, and don’t worry, no man points lost around here!


As we mentioned last week, getting enough sleep has huge benefits for your physical and mental health, so try to prioritise getting some rest in the weeks approaching the big day. No more working after hours in the office, or Netflix binge-watching! If you really want to unwind then now is your excuse to book that much needed massage.

We offer various treatments including facials and massages, starting from £68. 

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