We’re going to profess to know what women want in this article…and we’re going to play the card…we know, because we’ve got a lot of women on our team, all ages, from all over the world, with lots of different life experiences. So…our team view is that we expect our loved ones to go the extra mile on special occasions! I mean…c’mon who doesn’t right? It doesn’t always need to be a huge spend or even monetary but in the main, we all want a little extra TLC on the old Hallmark days.

The month of March kicks off with International Women’s Day (March 8th), and finishes with Mothering Sunday on the 31st, so if there ever was a time of the year to impress your wife, partner, sister, mother or grandmother this month is it.

What do Women Want? Quality Time

As women we’re always juggling a million things at the same time, because we can, and we’re just better at it than men (science says so, not us, fact!), but sadly that leaves us with little time, to plan quality time, with you, the men in our lives. So we really really appreciate it when you make the effort to organise something for both of us. Everyone loves a lunch or dinner out and that’s always a good idea, but how often do you take us to afternoon tea? Mother’s Day or Women’s day is the perfect excuse to try it if you haven’t done so already, and here are our favourite places for afternoon tea in London.

Afternoon Tea:  The Dorchester, The Langham, or Claridges. The setting is elegant, the scones mouthwatering, and the atmosphere absolutely charming. We recommend booking at least a couple of weeks in advance to secure your table. 

Fancy a day out in nature? You can plan a picnic or a hike or why not both? Our favourite picnic spots are near the Peace Pagoda in Battersea park or near Kenwood House in Hampstead Heath which has unbeatable views of London. Just a short drive out of the city is Box Hill which has quite a few family friendly hikes to choose from.

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Still Not Sure? Get a Blissful Gift Card

It’s no secret that we all enjoy a bit of pampering once in a while, and no, you rubbing our feet for 5mins does NOT count as pampering. We’d much rather have a professional do that, thank you. And we know the beauty treatment menu can sound like Chinese to some, so we’re perfectly happy getting a pampering gift card so we can choose our own treatment. With a range massages, mani/pedis, facials, and other beauty treatments, USPAAH can deliver instant bliss to your door, and you can book same day too (for those who tend to do things last minute;)).

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The organic beauty industry is growing fast. Currently worth £61.8 million, the non-toxic ingredients are on the rise! In the same way that people are rethinking what they put IN to their bodies, they’re now questioning the products they use ON their bodies – leaning towards using products that are natural as well as mindful of not only the body, but the environment too.

Organic products = no GM, no toxic chemicals, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances, no nano particles, and certainly no animal testing. To celebrate this positive movement, here are some of our favourite organic beauty brands; scroll down to see the products you’ll be filling your bathroom cabinet up with in 2018.



Giving the big guns like Dermalogica a run for their ‘water mist’ money, is the Rosewater Balancing Mist (£18) by Australian brand, Jurlique. One of the natural brands bestsellers, the facial spritz combines antioxidant properties and rose water to leave you with perfectly hydrated, and fresh smelling skin. Super pretty bottle for your dressing table too! The brand grow and extract most of their ingredients at their own organic and biodynamic Jurlique Farm in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, if that’s not dedication to the purity of skin care, then we don’t know what is!


MV Organics

Want super smooth skin like Britain’s sweetheart, Emma Watson? Now’s your chance! Emma swears by another Aussie brand MV Organics Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser (£80). We quote “It’s extra hydrating and smells of roses, which is heaven”. Founder Sharon McGlinchey is a pioneer in the world of organic skin care, developing her collection to help those dealing with skin sensitivities such as eczema and rosacea. Her formulas encourage your skin to function at its optimum efficiency as a long-term anti-ageing investment… pretty pricey? Totally worth it. *Adds to online shopping basket*



Mauli is a celebration of love, nature, tradition, a sacred red thread known as ‘mauli’ forms an integral part of India’s blessing rituals which is given to friends and family as a symbol of protection, connection and wellbeing. With that in mind, organic brand Mauli instruct that their intention is to ‘offer exquisite products created with your wellbeing in mind’. We’re suckers for anything that leaves you with that just-left-the-spa type of feeling, and Mauli’s Reawaken Hand & Body Lotion (£29) does just that. Infusing blood orange to firm the skin, and frankincense to boost immunity, it’s literally like wellbeing in a bottle.

100% PURE

100 Pure

We love discovering new beauty brands that are natural and organic, and we love it even more when they’re must-have’s of our fave celebs. Shailene Woodley supposedly swears by the makeup products from 100% Pure, which was founded in a Napa, California farmhouse in 2005 and now based in Silicon Valley. This brand focuses on providing healthy skincare, colour cosmetics and bath and body products that are free of all harmful toxins. Must have product? Their Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Black Tea. It’s. Just. Everything.


Those are just a few of our ultimate brands to watch out for in 2018. We’ve included a few more brands that you have to try out. New Years resolutions made easy huh?

RMS Beauty (Miranda Kerr loves it – say no more), Axiology (great for vegan lippy!), Patyka (indulgent but worth it), Neal’s Yard (Londoners, we’re looking at you).


2017 has proved to be an exciting time for the beauty industry –to embracing eco friendly products, to long awaited UK launches, and finally welcoming beauty brands to suit people of all colour (hell-yeah to Fenty Beauty!). Along with the highs, came negative press surrounding various publications and campaigns altering images of women’s natural beauty; it’s been a diverse year to say the least. Keep scrolling for the most influential and controversial beauty moments of 2017.


KKW Beauty

June 2017 saw Kim Kardashian release her beauty line ‘KKW Beauty’, describing it as the ‘highlight’ of her career. Internet users compared the campaign images to blackface – something the selfie Queen strongly denied. “I would never in a million years be disrespectful and do that,” she said of the images on an episode of Keeping Up. Luckily for Kimmy, the controversy didn’t do much damage – her products sold out in less than three hours the day it launched, bringing in an estimated $14.4 million.



Finally, after years of waiting from die-hard British beauty fans, the New York based beauty brand launched in the UK in October. After a successful pop up store in July, Glossier announced international shipping to the UK, and Emily Weiss (Founder & CEO) became a modern day Mother Teresa. With their ethos being ‘skin first, makeup second’ – the products are truly fitting with the healthy and natural trend that 2017 has brought us, and we’re oh so excited to see what’s in store for 2018.



The government announced in July that it was banning micro-beads from all products, with effect from early 2018. Think toothpaste, body wash and face scrubs – Michael Gove broadcast the ban in his first speech as Environment Secretary. With a direct correlation being found between micro-beads to what’s found in the ocean’s, the ban is a major step forward for the beauty industry, and the world.



After three years of rumours, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty finally launched at the Harvey Nichols. Using some of the most diverse faces in the media from Slick Woods to Leomie Anderson, the tagline screams boldly “The New Generation of Beauty”.  Dissimilar to SO many beauty brands out there, Rihanna and her team brought 40 different foundation shades to the Fenty table – offering products suitable for albino skin to the darkest of tones. When Ri Ri does something she does it WELL, and don’t Fenty’s competitors know it…

Gentleman Blogger

It’s that time of year again – Movember. Whether you just fancy keeping your face a little warmer this Winter, OR you’re doing it for the greater cause of Movember, you may find it a little tricky to not look like an overgrown version of yourself! So if you’re new to the beard game or need some fresh products for your ‘tache/beard, we’ve selected our top beard grooming products.

Mr Natty Famous Beard Elixir

Mr Natty Elixir

Facial hair tends to draw moisture from the skin, which may leave you with dry flaky patches underneath and within your new friend (the Mo’ of course). Make sure you hydrate the area with regular moisturising and hydrating sessions, and not just with any old moisturiser. It’s time to bring in the big guns. Mr Natty’s Beard Elixir is combined with the finest of essential oils, and thankfully subtly scented too (trust us, neglected hair can develop a bit of an odour guys!).

Mr Natty – Beard Brush

Beard Brush

So now you have a nourished and clean beard, but you’re still looking a little Zach Galifianakis(Alan from The Hangover, say no more). We recommend using Mr Natty’s Beard Brush to help achieve smoothness, keeping all your random beard hairs in place. Brush in the direction of the hairs to keep it looking neat and wait for it, it can promote growth direction making beard growing simple and stress-free.

Moustache and Beard Wax

Beard Wax

You’re a few weeks into Movember and your facial hair’s actually looking quite impressive. Now, it’s time to perfect the moustache. Once you’ve tidied it up with mini scissors and a razor, it’s time to unleash the magic – moustache wax. Describing their product as ‘an extra firm moustache wax that puts the handle in your handlebar’, The Brighton Beard Companies Jevington Jigg’s Jasmin & Lemon Extra Firm Moustache Wax is perfect for creating mighty shapes with your mo’. Simply apply a small amount with your finger tips, otherwise you might end up looking a little Freddie Mercury circa 1981.

Bye Movember, Hello December

Bye Movember

Like they say, men and their gadgets… and this is going to be one set of tools you’ll not be able to live without after Movember is over. It’s all well and good turning to the bearded/’tache life, but if you look like you’ve been living in the outback for a month then its time to give yourself a little trim. Try BaByliss 6-In-1 Facial Grooming Kit which includes an array of tools ranging from a moustache trimmer to a nose and ear trimmer this kit has everything you need to keep looking sharp and stylish.

If your skins feeling a little dry and neglected after a month of Movember hair growth, a little TLC wouldn’t go a miss. We recommend USPAAH’s 1 hour Pure Skin Facial.


We’re all over this ‘no makeup’ makeup trend that’s been hitting the runway this season, there’s just no denying that fresh-faced beauty is having its moment again. Perfect for the humid summer season, and on days when you’ve snoozed the alarm all too many times – this could just be the Florence Nightingale of all trends.  So we’ve pulled together our favourite makeup and skincare tricks that will give you that gorgeous glow-from-within look. Need to be ready in 10 minutes? Good job we only need 5.


Bare Faced

Prep your skin with Charlotte’s Magic Cream by Charlotte Tilbury (£70). Moisturising your skin is one step you should never miss out – yes, really! Containing hyaluronic acid, it works to lift your complexion and intensely moisturise your skin. Yep, it really is magic.


Lash out

There’s something a little cooler about an ‘au naturel lash’. And by au naturel, we mean makeup that doesn’t look like makeup of course. Curly lashes are the best for opening up your eyes, and our favourite curlers are these must have’s by Shu Uemura (£21.50). Then, try Estee Lauder’s mascara primer (£20), which doubles lash volume and sets lashes, meaning less, if not no mascara is needed (depending on how brave you’re feeling ladies!).



For a natural looking flush, brush on a little bit of the Gina blusher by Nars (£23)  – the micronised powder ensures for a soft blendable application, this could even be a ten second job, I kid you not.


Pout and Out

Before you rush out the door (or whilst you’re on the tube, lets be honest), give your lips some much-needed nourishment with Dr Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm (£12). Famous for it’s fast acting and long lasting effects, Dr Lipp formula is free of additives and fragrances, it’s designed to hydrate, nourish, and plump out all types of skin. Loved in the industry by celebrity make-up artists, this pocket size product will leave people wondering what your secret trick is.

For natural looking day makeup, or purified skin from the inside and out, download the USPAAH app today and get booking your appointments.

Wimbledon is one of our favourite events of the year, for many reasons. It’s one of the perfect fashion events that set’s the tone for the rest of our summer social calendar, and with the possibility of bumping into old friends, celebrity A-listers (Bradley Cooper we’re looking at you), or even appearing on TV for a whole millisecond, Wimbledon preparation is certainly needed! It’s time to indulge in underdog victories, manicured lawns, and non-stop coverage. Below we’ve listed our biggest style and wellness tips to give you a little boost.


Our favourite “trend” for summer events like Wimbledon is simply, nude, natural looking nails. Apostrophes needed around the word “trend” because nude, natural nails are always in. Always. For fair skin, you should probably lean towards creamy, mauve-based ballet pinks like Essie in Brooch The Subject or Allure. For darker and olive skin types, something with a touch of peach or beige will be the most flattering , so try our obsession Samoan Sand by OPI.


We’re often crushing on K-Mid, who isn’t? When it comes to her hair, makeup, and styling she’s always on point, so lets all take inspo from this royal babe. Wimbledon calls for the beautifully barefaced look, and because it actually takes some makeup (and maybe even a few false lashes!), you might want to get your face painted by one of our talented Sparistas. I mean, it would be silly not to right? We imagine K-mids skin might have a lit-from-within glow naturally, but a few dabs of a highlighter, like Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator, will also give us mortals the same result.


Its not just about Kate Middleton though, we’re pretty sure the whole of the UK has fallen in love with Pippa Middleton too, right? Not one to falter in the style stakes, Kate’s little sister gives us both hair and tan envy all in one! If you’re partial to a sun-kissed look like this bronzed babe, a USPAAH spray tan is the answer! If not, we’ve mentioned before that we love St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion, perfect if you’d prefer to build a tan over-time. Hair wise, Pippa is never seen without a blow dry – when would shiny, bouncy hair ever not be a thing? If you’re strapped for time, try a low, no fuss, ponytail. Create the illusion of width by adding texture; pull layers out near the front, and holding an iron vertically, curl them outward. Regardless of face shape or hair type, it’s actually surprisingly easy to master the look, just like our lovely Pippa!


If the sporting season has got you all fired up, and you’re about to kick-start your fitness regime all over again, we recommend you invest in a massage… or three. We’re all about wellbeing and health, mind, body, and spirit. Getting active can often cause a little strain on your body (especially after BBQ’s and copious amount of Aperol spritz!), so a deep tissue/ sports massage is the perfect reason to start working out again!

Got questions? Simply contact concierge@uspaah.com or call 020 7101 3534


If you’re heading to The Royal Ascot this weekend, here are our top fashion, hair and beauty suggestions to get you ready for five days of pageantry, and Pimms!

Frills and flutes


This years Royal Enclosure style guide will tell you that strapless, off-the-shoulder, halter and spaghetti straps are a no-go. Luckily, the fashion favourite this racing season is the statement sleeve; we’re talking frills, flutes and lots of fun. Straps aside, the dress code has entered modern territory this year, with trouser suits and jumpsuits both now welcome attire in the Royal Enclosure – this navy Reiss all-in-one is perfect for a day out in the sun!

Head Pieces


Expect the unexpected – gone are the traditional emblems of Royal Ascot headgear, and in our neon-pink tie-dye effect feathers, and voluminous headpieces in kaleidoscopic, hand-painted abstract prints. Designer Noel Stewart translates high fashion into occasion wear from his small studio in cosmopolitan Dalston, stating “Royal Ascot is one of the few occasions where you have an opportunity to do something daring, and to express your personality. I like making people feel like a more brilliant, exciting, chicer version of themselves.”

Bring the Beach


This year, it’s all about ‘natural’ waves (with a little help of course!). Artfully tousled, just-off-the-beach hair can be yours with a little help from Oribe’s Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray, containing a mix of oils and plant extracts that provides a lustrous shine and a sultry, wavy texture perfect for wearing underneath a hat or fascinator at the races.

Naked Nudes


When it comes to makeup on days out during the summer, dewy soft skin and natural hues are a must. Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Look In A Palette is a great go-to compact for a fresh-faced look on-the-go. It features seven glow-giving shades, including the iconic Swish and Pop blushers and signature Eye Smoke.

Colour Splash


If you want to add a colour pop, a vibrant orange is always a fun shade to try, and it works well with brighter summer hues. If MAC’s creamy ‘Morange’ lipstick isn’t a summer staple of yours already, then it will be after today!

Got questions? Simply contact concierge@uspaah.com or call 020 7101 3534

Latest research shows that 80% of skin ageing is due to UV rays and pollution. Most of us consider ourselves pretty savvy when it comes to skincare, but do you know how much damage pollution is really doing to your complexion? With London persistently breaching safe limits not only is pollution impacting our health, it has an adverse effect on the skin too. Increased pigmentation, premature ageing, dehydration and inflammation are just a few signs that pollution is having a negative effect. Here’s our guide to pollution proofing your skin.

1. Eat foods rich in antioxidants

Free radicals present in pollution, break down the collagen in our skin thus preventing it from looking plump and radiant. Eating a diet high in anti-oxidant rich foods such as dark leafy vegetables, cranberries, blueberries, pecans and walnuts – can help nourish the skin from the inside out. For lacklustre skin, amp up your facial massage when applying your night cream. This stimulates lymph glands and expels toxins. Better yet, indulge in a blissful facial (yes, of course we’ve got just the one) and ask your therapist to add a vitamin C booster to counteract urban skin aggressors.

2. Avoid congestion areas and cleanse quickly

Pollution particles can be 20x smaller than the human pore and traffic pollution has emerged as the single most toxic element to the skin. Dodge it, by taking a “low pollution” route to work. Innovative apps such as City Air can help you plan your journey in the most pollution-free way possible. At the end of the day, limit damage by not allowing pollution particles to sit on the skin for any longer than necessary. Don’t wait until its time for bed, thoroughly cleanse skin as soon as you get in.

3. Use sunscreen all year long

You’re probably already using it when it’s sunny, but here’s another reason to slather sunscreen on whatever the weather: Pollution weakens the skin’s natural barrier increasing the likelihood of skin pigmentation. Our favourite product to “city-shield” your skin is Khiel’s Ultra Light Daily Defence, £35 and if you’re browsing for others, remember to look for SPF formulas that contain antioxidants which further boost the cream’s pollution-fighting powers.

Your Pollution Proof Skincare Routine

Here are our top pollution-busting products that literally breathe fresh air into skin – because let’s face it – it’s all about the glow!

  • Jump start the skin with a cleanser bursting with peptides and barrier boosting collagen such as Balance Me’s Collagen Boost Restore, £18.
  • Next, apply your serum of choice or try Skin Ceuticals Triple Lipid Restore, £123. It’s the ultimate in leaving skin feeling soothed and cosseted (Cosseted Meaning: care for and protect in an overindulgent way).
  • Finally top off with a high SPF day cream such as Khiel’s Ultra Light Daily Defence, £35. It’s oil free and suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.

Give your skin a healthy boost with one of our blissful at-home facials. Treatments start at £43 and our Sparistas only use premium brands such as Comfort Zone and NuSkin. They arrive with full expert kits and tailor the treatments to your skin type and condition.

Book a facial via the app, website or email concierge@uspaah.com

She is the ultimate multi-tasker, home improver, and the president of your fan club. Indulge and pamper her for Mother’s Day, because she’s worth it… 


Gifts are nice and very much appreciated but this home-maker loves nothing more than to spend time with you. Organise an indulging spa day at home that you and mum can enjoy together.

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For this lady, time is of the essence. So give a gift card that lets her choose the essential treatments she needs to be done on-demand, at home or in the office. Cards start at £25.00, convenience is… priceless!


Prenatal and postnatal massage can be just what an expectant, or a new mother needs. Our treatments can relieve back pain, reduce stress and improve sleep. What could be more blissful than that?

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