Running out of time to arrange something special for the best dad, main man or father-figure in your life? Don’t worry, USPAAH has you covered!

We’ve put together our top three picks for Father’s day gifts, that we’re sure he will appreciate.

Don’t forget to use code ‘DAD10’ for £10 off your gift.

1. Deep Muscle Recovery Massage

The Deep Muscle Recovery Massage is one of our most popular treatments for men that focuses on improving circulation and relieving tension in deep muscle groups.

Swedish Relax and Unwind massage is another one of our popular massages, a classic full body massage which can be soothing or more vigorous depending on preferences.

We also offer double massages, so you can both get a relaxing massage, or maybe you might want to treat your mum too? Simply book two massage therapists and both people will receive the chosen home massage.

The treatment starts with a private consultation so that the best massage option can be selected – this could be anything from pain relief massage to help maintain muscle tone or speed recuperation after an injury. All our therapists are highly qualified and certified.

Prices start from just £69 for 60 minutes.

2. Facial

The London lifestyle and environment can be challenging on anyone’s skin, so help refresh your Dad’s skin by booking a mobile facials with one of our qualified Sparistas.

Choose between a quick refreshing boost, or an indulging 90 min facial. Our professional beauticians arrive with expert kits, and deliver a refreshing or deep cleansing facial tailored to meet individual needs and skin type.

Facials not only provide a detoxifying, refreshing, and nourishing treatment for skin, but they are a very calming and pleasurable experience. We all like a little bit of pampering every now and again.

3. Manicure/Pedicure

Manicures aren’t just for women; men’s hands also deserve some attention! In fact, this is becoming more and more popular among our male customers who want smooth and soft hands. Well presented hands speak of attention to detail and high self-esteem and they also proclaim your organisational and time management skills.

Book a hand spa experience for Dad, and the treatment will include file, buff, soak, cuticle work, and a relaxing hand massage. Our technicians are all fully qualified and certified.

Express manicures start at just £24.


Download the app now and we’ll even give you £10 off any USPAAH gift with code ‘DAD10’. Enjoy!

Wimbledon Prep

Wimbledon is one of our favourite events of the year, for many reasons. It’s one of the perfect fashion events that set’s the tone for the rest of our summer social calendar, and with the possibility of bumping into old friends, celebrity A-listers (Bradley Cooper we’re looking at you), or even appearing on TV for a whole millisecond, Wimbledon preparation is certainly needed! It’s time to indulge in underdog victories, manicured lawns, and non-stop coverage. Below we’ve listed our biggest style and wellness tips to give you a little boost.


Mani Mania

Our favourite “trend” for summer events like Wimbledon is simply, nude, natural looking nails. Apostrophes needed around the word “trend” because nude, natural nails are always in. Always. For fair skin, you should probably lean towards creamy, mauve-based ballet pinks like Essie in Brooch The Subject or Allure. For darker and olive skin types, something with a touch of peach or beige will be the most flattering , so try our obsession Samoan Sand by OPI.


Middleton Makeup

We’re often crushing on K-Mid, who isn’t? When it comes to her hair, makeup, and styling she’s always on point, so lets all take inspo from this royal babe. Wimbledon calls for the beautifully barefaced look, and because it actually takes some makeup (and maybe even a few false lashes!), you might want to get your face painted by one of our talented Sparistas. I mean, it would be silly not to right? We imagine K-mids skin might have a lit-from-within glow naturally, but a few dabs of a highlighter, like Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator, will also give us mortals the same result.


Pretty Like Pippa

Its not just about Kate Middleton though, we’re pretty sure the whole of the UK has fallen in love with Pippa Middleton too, right? Not one to falter in the style stakes, Kate’s little sister gives us both hair and tan envy all in one! If you’re partial to a sun-kissed look like this bronzed babe, a USPAAH spray tan is the answer! If not, we’ve mentioned before that we love St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion, perfect if you’d prefer to build a tan over-time. Hair wise, Pippa is never seen without a blow dry – when would shiny, bouncy hair ever not be a thing? If you’re strapped for time, try a low, no fuss, ponytail. Create the illusion of width by adding texture; pull layers out near the front, and holding an iron vertically, curl them outward. Regardless of face shape or hair type, it’s actually surprisingly easy to master the look, just like our lovely Pippa!


More Massage

If the sporting season has got you all fired up, and you’re about to kick-start your fitness regime all over again, we recommend you invest in a massage… or three. We’re all about wellbeing and health, mind, body, and spirit. Getting active can often cause a little strain on your body (especially after BBQ’s and copious amount of Aperol spritz!), so a deep tissue/ sports massage is the perfect reason to start working out again!

Got questions? Simply contact or call 020 7101 3534


Name one thing that is more satisfying than a massage… Maybe don’t answer that, but you get our drift right? If you’ve had a stressful week at work and need to relieve some tension or you’ve finished a hard-core session at the gym and your muscles feel super tight, a massage is your next port of call. The question is, Deep Tissue or Sports? Read below to help you decide which technique is the one to fulfil your body’s desires.


Deep tissue

A deep tissue massage is designed to improve a number of problems, including blood circulation, stimulating the muscle’s strength reflex, as well as draining toxins and targeting pain. Using warm oils, deep finger pressure and slow, firm strokes like kneading; your therapist will work out the tensions and smaller knots in your body, concentrating on the manipulation of the tissues that lie over the top of the muscle. Don’t panic if a little discomfort occurs during your massage due to inconsistencies within the tissues; think of this as ‘good hurt’, the kind that almost feels good at the same time.  Remember that a little pleasure and pain never hurt anybody! According to Consumer Reports magazine, 34,000 people ranked deep tissue massage more effective in relieving osteoarthritis pain than physical therapy, exercise, prescription medications, chiropractic, acupuncture, diet, glucosamine, and over-the-counter drugs. One massage, so many benefits -we’ll leave you to do the math.


Don’t be fooled by its name: a sports massage isn’t just for athlete’s -it can revitalise the muscles and ligaments of us all! It’s all about hitting the right spot, if you know what we mean…targeting specific areas prone to injury of course, which aren’t always sports related.  Working similarly to physiotherapy, it targets sports specific injury areas like hamstrings, working out larger knots or muscle adhesions caused by poor training practices, or every day postural problems. “Today most of our work is sedentary and desk orientated, which brings a lot of postural problems and changes. Think what stress is placed on the body when eight hours a day spent at a laptop is followed by one hour of high-intensity exercise” says the senior soft tissue therapist for the English Institute of Sport, Andy Stanbury. Involving stretching, it will work to improve flexibility and realign the muscle fibres, giving your body a much-needed surge of strength. Iron man who?



So there you have it! From my body to yours, everyone is different. Whichever massage you choose, the main thing is to communicate with your therapist about what to expect from your treatment, it may sound obvious but people are often too embarrassed to discuss their questions and wants/need from a massage. Open up, relax, and spoil yourself.

Massages starting from £69, choose from 60 mins, 90 mins or 2 hours.

Download the USPAAH app from the App Store or Google Play. If you have any questions, please email or call 020 7101 3534


So you’re waiting for your massage therapist to arrive, and you’re worrying whether you have to get naked, or if your therapist will mind if you haven’t shaved your legs since December! Whether you’re awaiting your first at home massage, or you’re a regular on the table, we’re about to spill the beans on the only things you need to think about before a massage. Heres to our Sparistas working their magic on you – mind, body, and soul.



One of the great things about massage is that it stimulates digestion. Not so great if you’ve just eaten a huge meal beforehand! Don’t eat a couple of hours before your appointment to prevent any, urm, sticky situations. And drink plenty of water before and after, you’ll get so much more from your massage if your muscles are hydrated.



We’re fully equipped to transform your home into a tranquil retreat, so please choose a quiet room with sufficient space. FYI, we’re unable to carry out massages on your bed or on the floor; we use our massage tables to give you the best, most professional home service that we can. Your spare room is about to get real Instagrammable!


Stay breezy

Comfort is everything, so we recommend you remove as many layers of clothes and jewellery as you feel comfortable taking off. No massages however in your birthday suit, so underwear on at all times please. We’re definitely not that kind of service.



Don’t let your time of the month stop you enjoying one of the beauties of life! “A massage can actually be very beneficial in reducing pain and discomfort associated with cramps” says Josie Feria, Director of Spa Operations at Lapis Spa at Fontainebleau Miami Beach.



Don’t hold back from discussing any apprehensions or requests – the more feedback and information you provide, the better we can tailor the treatment to your needs. Treat our Sparistas like your own personal masseuse doctor!

Massages starting from £69, choose from 60 mins, 90 mins or 2 hours.

Download the USPAAH app from the App Store or Google Play. If you have any questions, please email or call 020 7101 3534


With the arrival of January 1st, the inevitable New Year, new me hashtags are once again coming out in full force. You make the same old “new” promises to yourself that you did last year, knowing very well that once the daily routine kicks in, you’re very unlikely to keep them. Except this year, with a little bit more motivation, and the help of these on-demand services, you actually might.



First of all, make your resolutions realistic. A realistic resolution will not only be easier to make into a habit, but also to maintain as a lifestyle. So start small and build on that. If you’re planning to quit a bad habit, don’t quit cold turkey, instead, reduce gradually. If you’re planning to achieve an ambitious weight loss goal, don’t plunge into a 5-day a week gym routine, start with 2 days a week and increase gradually. Moderation is the key to long-term sustainable results.


For those that want to detox this January, signing up to a detox juice programme has never been easier. Try our favourite 3-day juice cleanse programme from Plenish, which can be specifically tailored to your needs. Plenish delivers right to your door, so all you have to do is open the box and drink up.


Want to try personal training but have no time to go to the gym? TruBe has you covered with their easy to use app, which brings expert trainers to your home. With exercises ranging from yoga and boxing to Pilates, and appointments that fit your schedule, it’s hard to find an excuse not to get in shape.



Being more calm and relaxed will improve your overall health and concentration and can help prevent things like depression, and chronic fatigue. One way to get a regular dose of endorphins, “the feel good hormones” which fight off stress, is to get a regular massage. Thanks to USPAAH, booking your treatment in the comfort of your home has never been easier. Simply download the app or book online, and an expert Sparista will arrive at your door, transforming your room into a blissful spa with rejuvenating AromaWorks Oils. USPAAH also offers facials, nail treatments and other beauty services. You can book an appointment via the app or website at

Christmas Party Package


Pay an extra £5 to get eyelashes done and add on a manicure while you’re at it for a total of £131 (saving £15).

Give the blissful gift of Spa this Christmas

Browse through our exciting packages only available this Christmas and purchase them by emailing or calling 02071013534.




*Must be used by March 31st 2017

**Must be used within 6 months of purchase

Purchase any of our packages by emailing or calling 02071013534.

You’ve got the tan lines, you’ve got the souvenirs and you’ve got the photos. But after every amazing holiday comes the bad case of the post-beach blues.

Book in an hour or book in advance. You decide, we deliver.


Here’s a little something to cheer you up – Get £10 credit if you book before Sept 15th*


Sitting in the same seat for hours creates tension and puts unnecessary strain on your back. Ease the pain and unwind body and mind, with a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage.

USPAAH 60 min massage starting £69 or 90 min massage starting £79




If your skin is feeling tired and dry from sun exposure and air travel, our Facial Boost and Pure Skin Facials are the perfect way to revitalise your face, leaving you looking energised and ready to get back on track.

USPAAH Facials starting £43 


*Book any of the following services facials or massage, and promotional code for £10 will be emailed to you after 15/09/2016. Code must be redeemed in 1 month, used in 3 months and can not be combined with any other offers.

Planning a “staycation” during the Bank Holiday Weekend? No better place than London… Whether you’ve got just half a day or an entire long weekend at your disposal, we’ve got some great ideas to help you relax and enjoy upcoming long weekend!




You’ve worked, you’ve been stressed, you’ve earned it. 

Reward yourself, with one of our Swedish or Deep Tissue Rituals in the comfort of your home. Fancy a couple’s massage? No problem, we send 2 therapists to transform your space into a mini oasis.

USPAAH Massages from £69





Arrive looking and feeling your best with hair and make up by USPAAH. Our expert stylists will transform you with our range of luxury products.

USPAAH Hair and Make Up Package from £92






Reading outdoors under the warm August sunshine is as relaxing as it gets. And if you’re looking for a new book to read, here are this year’s best sellers: Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train, Jojo Moyes – After You and Philippa Gregory – Three Sisters, Three Queens




The last August Bank Holiday weekend is one of the best in London’s event calendar. Join the vibrant crowd and experience the dazzling displays of colour and music. Enjoy Notting Hill Carnival, Festival of Love and Beach East festivals throughout the city.




Make sure to pop into The Boogaloo Boil: an all-you-can-eat crawfish feast, with complimentary whisky punch & live music. Also, try out Michelin-level public dining experience at POPdown and enjoy Botanist Gin masterclass at Wild Brunch Club.


She is the ultimate multi-tasker, home improver, and the president of your fan club. Indulge and pamper her for Mother’s Day, because she’s worth it… 




Gifts are nice and very much appreciated but this home-maker loves nothing more than to spend time with you. Organise an indulging spa day at home that you and mum can enjoy together.

Special Offer: Full Spa Mani/Pedi For Two: £140.00*




For this lady, time is of the essence. So give a gift card that lets her choose the essential treatments she needs to be done on-demand, at home or in the office. Cards start at £25.00, convenience is… priceless!




Prenatal and postnatal massage can be just what an expectant, or a new mother needs. Our treatments can relieve back pain, reduce stress and improve sleep. What could be more blissful than that?

Special offer: Complimentary bottle of AromaWorks body oil worth £32, with every 90 min Massage*.


*Offers valid till March 30, 2016

**Contact to book