How to Keep Your Hair Healthy & Gorgeous in Summer

 In the summer months, the combination of air-conditioning, sun, humidity, the sea and chlorine, can leave your  hair feeling dry and frazzled. 

Here are our essential tips for keeping your locks healthy and gorgeous throughout summer: 

How to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous in summer?

Try a Shorter Cut

Not only will this keep your hairstyle looking fresh and exciting, but removing split ends will get rid of the weakest, driest parts of your ‘do, leaving you free to enjoy the summer sun. A shorter cut may also help keep you feeling fresh and cool in the heat.

Avoid Heat Treatments

Even though hair straighteners may be your best friend for the rest of the year, relying on heat treatments in the summer months can leave your hair looking dry and damaged. If you struggle to minimise your use of heat treatments, consider opting for looks like a bun or ponytail that hide potential frizz. If you’re after curls or waves, try tying up wet hair overnight to create the style you want without using heat.

How to protect your hair in the hot weather?

Cover Up

Investing in a hat to protect your hair will work wonders. A wide brimmed hat will also protect your skin from potential sun damage.

Take a Pre-Dip Shower

If you’re planning on swimming this summer, make sure that your hair is protected by taking a shower first. This will prevent your hair from absorbing too much harmful saltwater or pool chemicals, preventing long-term damage.

Summer Hair Care

Use Leave-In Treatments

Making use of products such as leave-in conditioner and hair masks will keep your hair looking healthy and nourished. Particularly useful if your hair is feeling dry, these products will replenish your hair’s natural moisture. You can even make your own by combining ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado or olive oil.

Keep Grease at Bay

Although the summer sun can give you beautiful beachy waves, it can cause problems by increasing the amount of grease produced by your scalp. Find a shampoo that removes grease and grime to prevent your pores from becoming clogged and your hair from looking limp.  Kérastase Soleil Bain Après-Soleil shampoo is designed specifically for this.

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