Spray tan in the summer – why & how

There’s no denying that we all love a healthy glow in the summer. Sadly, in the UK, hot and sunny days can be sporadic (and rare), and overexposure can be very damaging and ageing for our skin. 

Sunless tanning is the perfect solution for the ultimate bronzed glow this summer. Here’s our must-read guide to getting the ultimate spray tan that actually lasts:

Should you get a spray tan before your holiday?

Imagine walking off the plane to your chosen holiday destination, with a gorgeous glowing and even tan before you even hit the beach. On vacation, you always want to look you best. That’s why a spray tan before vacation will ensure you look the part as soon as you arrive.

How many days before vacation should I get a spray tan?

Experts recommend having a spray tan two days before a big event. This gives time for the tan to develop properly and means you’ll have a day to adjust to the colour before you leave. Getting your tan too early may mean it has faded before you arrive.

How to keep your spray tan on vacation?

After spray tan care is very important to keep your spray tan looking fresh on vacation. After you’ve had your tan, avoid wearing tight clothes, perfume or deodorant. Make sure you wait at least 7 hours before having a shower, to allow your tan to develop properly. Whilst you are on vacation, make sure you moisturise every day after your shower, to prevent your tan from going patchy.

Does spray tan come off in pool?

If you want your tan to last, try and keep swimming in the pool or sea to short sessions. It is not actually the chemicals or chlorine in the water which fade your tan, it’s the fading which happens with too much water exposure.

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