Keep Your Skin Vibrant & Healthy This Summer

For most people, summer is all about hot weather, holidays, pub gardens and having fun. But while you’re having the time of your life, your skin may not be. 

Dry and humid conditions and even fans or air-conditioning can cause irritation to your skin, leaving your face looking dull and drier than normal. Read on for tips on facial care and keeping your skin healthy this summer.

Why is my face dry in the summer?

Some people associate dry skin with the winter, but the hot summer months can also create dryness and flakey skin. If you’re on holiday, sun exposure and chlorine can also dry out your skin. Hot weather can increase water loss from the body, which leads to dehydrated skin. The best way to avoid dry skin in the summer is to drink plenty of water, at least 2 litres a day to keep you hydrated from the inside out.

How can I keep my face healthy in summer?

To keep your skin healthy this summer, invest in a skincare routine that works for you. A good quality oil-based balm will remove any makeup or dirt on your face. Using a chemical or physical exfoliant afterwards will eat away at dead skin cells, for that summer glow. Facial mists are also a great way to give you skin an instant boost on the go.

Facial hydration for summer

To keep your face hydrated this summer, moisturising is key. If you suffer from dry skin, go in with a thick serum first, and then follow with a lightweight moisturiser. Using an eye cream is an essential step to prevent ageing. The last step should always be SPF. It’s a non-negotiable all year round to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

If you’re looking for luxury, then a professional facial can be a great way to ensure your skin is healthy this summer. After a consultation, a skincare specialist will tailor treatments to you, dealing with any problem areas. Plus, facial massage is a great way to unwind after a long day.

If you’re looking for a facial treatment at home to keep your skin healthy, book online, download our app, or just contact a member of our team on 02071013534. And get a personal, mobile spa service within an hour of your booking.

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