The sun’s shining in London, open-toe shoes are calling, and your boots have been stored away for another few months. If you’re in the same boat after a long cold winter of neglecting your feet, it’s time to get them poolside ready. Keep reading for our top tips for getting your tootsies looking their best!



An obvious one, yet something we’re all guilty of ignoring. “Oh well, I’ll do it tomorrow” you say as you put your slippers on and curl up on the sofa – not this time you don’t! We recommend investing in this Margaret Dabbs exfoliating foot mousse (£20), which uses ground Tea Tree Leaf to exfoliate, and replenishes and hydrates the skin with Emu Oil.



Try to get into the habit of moisturising your feet every other day – and don’t forget to focus on your heels! Olive oil and coconut oil are great organic remedies that won’t break the bank, PLUS the smell screams island vibes. Who needs the Caribbean eh? If you’d rather go for something a little more luxurious, L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream (from £8) is so highly regarded that it’s won awards! The power in L’Occitane’s formula comes from lavender essential oil that purifies the skin, enabling the anti-inflammatory arnica to calm redness and inflammation.



Sun burnt skin is the least chic look you can have during the summer season, let alone sun burnt feet. Darphin Soleil Plaisir SPF 30 (£32) contains high-end skin care ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, an ingredient creating a buzz in the beauty world at the moment due to its super hydrating qualities. Containing karanja oil and algae to strengthen the skin and fight premature ageing, this product feels like more like a luxury moisturiser than a sun cream.



It’s all about high-octane hues, and we’re obsessed with Chanel’s bright ‘Espadrilles’ (£20) and pinks like Camelia (£20; chanel.com). Manicurist to the stars, April Foreman, recommends balancing bright neons on the toes with a neutral flesh tone manicures during the summer. Lal Mirchi by NARS is one of her favourites  – if it’s good enough for Natalie Portman, then it’s good enough for us!



Of course, treating yourself to a pedicure with USPAAH would be the most sensible thing to do, right? Using nourishing products such as Jessica Hand & Body Emulsion which contains pro-vitamin B5 and Keratin to soothe and condition both skin and nails, our Sparistas will work to exfoliate, moisturise, and buff your feet, as well as feeding dry or damaged cuticles. Pedicures not only work to beautify those trotters (cough cough, gentlemen!), but they also promote healthy blood circulation.

Got questions? Simply contact concierge@uspaah.com or call 020 7101 3534


Fight manicure boredom with this season’s latest varnish releases, the must-have manicure shades inspired by the spring/summer fashion runways. If you’re a girl that mixes and matches her mani according to your mood and the weather (yep that’s us) its time for a flattering new shade. Hello, spring colours.


Laid back meets polished, grey looks chic all year-round go with a cool variation during the warmer months for a spring-y feel. Opt for a blue toned pastel grey as seen at Monse and Brock.


Gucci splashed this never boring cobalt shade across its runways and we love it. Go big or go home! We’re wearing this shade on the weekend.


Neutrals are back on trend and white nails are feminine and surprisingly sophisticated. Think you can’t pull off this all white look? Our manicurists tip: it’s all about choosing the correct off-white shade to suit your skin tone.


Splashes of neon: this trend is making us dream of summer already. Whether you go for a Dior inspired bright citrus shade on short, square nails or a neon french over a neutral base, this bold hue will look uh-mazing, especially with a bronzed summer glow.


Don’t store that black away just yet, Vera Wang proves that with a simple negative space design, black is back on the menu for spring/summer 2017. Bare or cut out moons alongside minimalist black accents steal the show!


We’ve got all the latest spring shades in our professional kits. Let our Sparistas ensure your hands are perfectly polished. Book a Spa Mani & Pedi, starting from £68. Download the USPAAH app from the App Store or Google Play.

If you have any questions, please email concierge@uspaah.com or call 020 7101 3534

Going on holiday but don’t have time to hit the gym 4 days a week? Swamped in meetings or child care, but still want to look and feel good in your swimsuit? Don’t panic, with today’s on-demand wellness service providers, a workout can be just a click away and can fit in even the busiest of schedules. 

To help you get to your goals faster, we’ve teamed up with the best new companies that make getting in shape easier and more convenient than ever before.


Great intentions, but short on time?  Movement for Modern Life takes the stress out of getting to a great yoga class with the top yoga teachers available online. They have videos ranging from 10 minute wake-ups to deep extended practices, and programs that suit everyone from new mums to seasoned athletes. “I start each day with a 10 minute yoga practice, and you’d be surprised how even such a short session can have a big impact on my stress levels and overall well being” – says Meelimari Arro, Head of B2B Division, Riseart.com. Sign up and get 20% off with code USPAAH20. 

Recommended timeline: 2 months before beach


Think personal training only exists in the gym? Think again. TruBe makes fitness super easy by bringing professional qualified trainers to your home, office, or the park if London’s weather allows it. You can choose from a variety of experts including boxing, pilates, and our personal favourite ballet fit. What’s all the hype about? Try it and you’ll see.

“My ballet fit session uncovered muscles I didn’t even know I had, but most importantly I booked it on-demand via the app, and had it all in the comfort of my home when it suited me. No more excuses! TruBe is the new way to get, and stay fit” – comments, Amanda Wendan, Freelance Events Director. Download the app  use code USPAAH50 for 50% off your first personal training session.

Recommended timeline: 1 month before beach


Plenish Juice Clease

Ok, you’ve worked really hard to get here, you’ve been exercising, doing yoga, eating right and still there’s that last annoying half a kilo that’s keeping you from your ideal target?

Enter, Plenish Juice Clease, the best cold pressed juices we’ve ever tried. Their cleanses are specially designed by expert nutritionists for optimal results, depending on your detox goals. “Yes, I’m a juicehead and it’s changed my life”, says Kerrie Markou, Global Marketing Director at Firstsource. Even a one or 2 day cleanse can have positive effects on your metabolism and the all-so-talked-about gut health. So why not give it a go? Try Now and get 15% off with code USPAAH. 

Recommended timeline: 1 week before beach


In combination with diet and exercise, regular massage treatments are a great way to detoxify, smoothen the skin and even trim a few inches off over time. Our Sparistas perform treatments in the comfort of your own home and only use all natural Aromaworks oils that moisturise and nourish the skin.

Results? Immediate. That’s right, a massage will leave you feeling invigorated right away, boosting endorphins which help to reduce stress and increase metabolism. Book a course of regular anti-cellulite massages, and within a month, you’ll notice an improvement in your skin’s elasticity, and maybe even your jeans size. Read also our post on 5 reasons why you need a regular massage treatment.

USPAAH Massages start from £60 when booked with monthly package. Book Now and use code BEACH10 for £10 off your treatment. 


We all love the sun, but it can often leave our skin looking dull and dry, so it’s essential to refresh and rejuvenate your complexion with a light exfoliating facial. Even a 30min treatment can brighten up dull skin, and help soften surface lines with dewy hydration. Our Sparistas come to you, and they only use high end products such as Dermalogica, NuSkin or Neals Yard. If you’ve got more time, try one of our 60 or 90 min facials which include steam, mask, massage and anti-aging treatment.

USPAAH Facials starts from £43. Book Now and use code BEACH10 for £10 off your treatment. 


Treat your hands and feet to a splash of colour to help your tan stand out even more. And it’s not just about the paint, our Full Spa rituals involve buffing, soaking, scrubbing and tidying up cuticles. Want a longer lasting look? Try our gel polishes which give your nails a glossy shine and last at least two weeks, meaning you won’t have to top up while you’re on holiday. Our Sparistas have a wide selection of colours and they only use high-quality products by Jessica Zen Spa.


When it’s hot and the sun is out, swap mascara to avoid trails of black running down your cheeks, for perfect peepers. Opt for eyelash extensions where individual lashes are bound to the lash line for a full wide-eyed look that lasts for four to six weeks, giving your natural lashes length and definition. Our expert beauticians come to you 7am-10pm and only work with a high-end selection of natural looking lashes.

USPAAH Eyelash Extensions starts from £99. Book Now and use code BEACH10 for £10 off your treatment.