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So last summer we promised you guys we’d be back to deliver the goods… the goods being the 411 about the different waters and oils that are filtering through to the beauty industry. Our once dewy skin has certainly felt the brunt of the winter months, and we can’t say over indulging in sugary festive treats has done wonders for the complexion either… Scroll, scroll, scroll.



Coconut water burst onto the scene (and into our fridge) a couple of years ago, marketed as an all round miracle drink. It’s antioxidant properties work wonders from the inside out. Containing antiviral, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal properties, think hydration for both the hair and skin without ANY excess oil.

Increasing blood flow to the scalp, it fights against hair loss and breakage, conditioning locks naturally without chemicals, so if you’re looking to quench your thirsty hair, drench your dehydrated strands in the sweet nutrients of OGX’s Coconut Water Hydration Oil (£6.99) – this nutrient-rich oil infused with coconut water, electrolytes and a hint of coconut oil will leave your hair smelling as beaut as it will look.

Infused with Coconut Extract for a silky-smooth complexion, we love the Coconut Ultra Hydrating Micellar Cleansing Water by Yes To (£7). Give it a little pump, apply, and you’ll be left with a distinctive healthy glow.



Believe it or not, Rose water has actually been popular since ancient times, and a little clever rebranding & marketing has allowed this gentle antiseptic and anti-inflammatory water to start taking the beauty industry by storm. Skincare expert Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj describes it as an aid in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores, perfect for you busy city workers. We’re into the Dr Organic Rose Otto Skin Toner (£8.99), which blends bioactive natural and organic ingredients Rose Water, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera to help leave your skin feeling purified and hydrated. Note: great Most rose waters come in pretty packaging too, a perfect little feature for your dressing table, as well as uplifting the senses!


Avocado Illustration

We thought that couldn’t love this little green vegetable any more than we already do, but, we were mistaken. Most plant oils are extracted from the seed of the plant, but avocado oil is extracted directly from the flesh of the avocado, and its uniqueness doesn’t stop there. Usually we’d run a mile from ‘fats’ but these bad boys are very high in beneficial fats – music to our ears! The benefits of avocado oil are pretty much endless, with gum health, nutrient absorption, heart health and smoother skin all included. This Miaroma Avocado Oil (£7.59) is a natural and cold pressed vegetable oil, containing a neutral aroma that can be used as a base oil. Use it to create your own aroma recipe or simply apply it alone used as a face or body oil. It really is that simple!

Again, we don’t want to overload you with information and by the looks of things, natural beauty water and oil products are on the rise. Looks like that bathroom cabinet is going to get a little fuller…