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It’s that time of year again – Movember. Whether you just fancy keeping your face a little warmer this Winter, OR you’re doing it for the greater cause of Movember, you may find it a little tricky to not look like an overgrown version of yourself! So if you’re new to the beard game or need some fresh products for your ‘tache/beard, we’ve selected our top beard grooming products.

Mr Natty Famous Beard Elixir

Mr Natty Elixir

Facial hair tends to draw moisture from the skin, which may leave you with dry flaky patches underneath and within your new friend (the Mo’ of course). Make sure you hydrate the area with regular moisturising and hydrating sessions, and not just with any old moisturiser. It’s time to bring in the big guns. Mr Natty’s Beard Elixir is combined with the finest of essential oils, and thankfully subtly scented too (trust us, neglected hair can develop a bit of an odour guys!).

Mr Natty – Beard Brush

Beard Brush

So now you have a nourished and clean beard, but you’re still looking a little Zach Galifianakis(Alan from The Hangover, say no more). We recommend using Mr Natty’s Beard Brush to help achieve smoothness, keeping all your random beard hairs in place. Brush in the direction of the hairs to keep it looking neat and wait for it, it can promote growth direction making beard growing simple and stress-free.

Moustache and Beard Wax

Beard Wax

You’re a few weeks into Movember and your facial hair’s actually looking quite impressive. Now, it’s time to perfect the moustache. Once you’ve tidied it up with mini scissors and a razor, it’s time to unleash the magic – moustache wax. Describing their product as ‘an extra firm moustache wax that puts the handle in your handlebar’, The Brighton Beard Companies Jevington Jigg’s Jasmin & Lemon Extra Firm Moustache Wax is perfect for creating mighty shapes with your mo’. Simply apply a small amount with your finger tips, otherwise you might end up looking a little Freddie Mercury circa 1981.

Bye Movember, Hello December

Bye Movember

Like they say, men and their gadgets… and this is going to be one set of tools you’ll not be able to live without after Movember is over. It’s all well and good turning to the bearded/’tache life, but if you look like you’ve been living in the outback for a month then its time to give yourself a little trim. Try BaByliss 6-In-1 Facial Grooming Kit which includes an array of tools ranging from a moustache trimmer to a nose and ear trimmer this kit has everything you need to keep looking sharp and stylish.

If your skins feeling a little dry and neglected after a month of Movember hair growth, a little TLC wouldn’t go a miss. We recommend USPAAH’s 1 hour Pure Skin Facial.

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