The Office Christmas Party: our favourite party of the year. Renowned for the over-drinking, oversharing, unsuitable attire and humiliating dance moves.

But how do you make sure you don’t end up making an epic fool of yourself in front of colleagues this year? Well, follow our tips to make sure that ‘one’ office fool isn’t you…

1. Don’t over- or under-dress

It’s important to not dress to skimpily or provocatively; flashing too much skin is inappropriate and can send the wrong signals to colleagues. Similarly, dressing too “posh” is also a risk – if its not a ball, then don’t show up in a ball gown or a tuxedo as you will feel uncomfortable the while night. However it is also important to not end up on the opposite end of the spectrum and dress too casually. Jeans or a T-shirt indicate lack of effort and may suggest you don’t enough about work.

It’s best to judge it based on the type of attire worn at previous Christmas parties. Also asking around the office to see what others are wearing is also a smart move to ensure you are appropriately dressed and feel comfortable.

2. Make sure your hair and make-up stays

So the outfit and accessories are finally sorted, and you’ve spent the last few hours prepping hair and make-up. You look and feel great, and have a fantastic night dancing the night away. But there is nothing worse than having a look at the photos the next day and finding that your make-up has half rubbed off, and your hair hasn’t stayed – and what’s worse is the photos are there to remind everyone else!

Getting your hair and make-up professionally done can really help, and make sure that you look perfect the entire night. USPAAH even offer a special discounted hair and make-up package when bought together, starting from just £92. Book yours in now to ensure you get availability.

3. Get your nails did

After a mad rush getting ready and making sure you arrive on time, there is nothing worse than sitting down for the Christmas dinner, picking up the knife and fork, and finding that you’ve forgotten to get your nails done! A glamorous outfit and hairdo doesn’t really go with chipped and un-manicured nails, and can really leave you feeling uncomfortable all night. At USPAAH, our express manis start from just £34. Or why not opt for a Shellac polish from one of our Sparistas? These can last for up to two weeks and we have a range of Christmas shades available, and prices start from only £38.

4. Don’t drink too much and overshare

Office Christmas parties are meant to be fun, but its important to remember that they are still work events and you should remain professional. But with all the free booze flowing, try not to sabotage your career by drinking too much and making a complete fool of yourself. Ending up paralytic or vomming in the toilets is not a good look, and can undermine your authority. And while you may feel you have things just about under control, its important to not overshare with colleagues or say something you will regret the next morning. Nobody likes waking up to the dreaded ‘what-did-I-do’ doom. Oh, and keep yourself in check and make sure you’ve got a safe ride home.

How USPAAH can Help

Everyone loves a little pampering during this festive time of year. Why not let our Sparistas treat you? Whether its in preparation for a Christmas party with work, friends or family, we can help. Nails, hair, make-up – we have got you covered. Simply download the app now and we’ll even give you £10 off your first treatment with code ‘NEW10’. Don’t forget to book early to avoid disappointment! Enjoy!

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