What Are The Benefits of Regular Facial Treatments

We asked a few of our expert facialists some of your most asked questions. In our previous post we discussed: How Often Should You Get a Professional Facial. Now, here’s what they have to say on the benefits of regular treatments:

Why Should You Get a Facial Treatment Regularly?

Vanessa Artunduaga

Ekaterina Fadeeva says: “There are a lot of benefits to getting a regular facial! Thanks to deep cleansing and improved blood circulation, a facial helps to detoxify the skin, slow the ageing process, and can also reduce stress and bring general rejuvenation. In specific cases, it can treat acne, acne marks or hyperpigmentation.”

Vanessa Artunduaga also adds: “Having a regular facial improves the circulation of the lymphatic system in the face, therefore, our skin could appear glowing, younger and fresher.”

Sabrina Fabbo explains: “The benefits of getting a regular facial are completely up to you. If you have a good skincare base at home, you would be able to keep up its glowing condition for longer. It is as simple as that.”

2. Different Facial Treatment Types – Can you advise which skin type would suit the purifying and anti-aging facial treatment?

Ekaterina Fadeeva - Uspaah Mobile Facial Therapist
Ekaterina Fadeeva

Ekaterina Fadeeva says: “Actually, any skin type could have a purifying or anti-ageing treatment. Both facial treatments are not based on the skin type, but of the skin condition. For example, I would recommend the anti-ageing treatment for more mature and dehydrated skin, even if the skin is dry, oily, sensitive or normal. I’ll need then to adjust my treatment for the specific skin type of the client.”

Vanessa Artunduaga adds: “I would recommend a purifying facial when the skin tends to be more oily or have breakouts/ blackheads and needs a deep cleanse”

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