Wellbeing Apps

Whether you’re a busy city worker, a full time parent, or just generally London living – things can get pretty stressful and sometimes a little guidance wouldn’t go a miss. We’re all for the wellbeing movement and since its 2017, so is the digital tech-world. Meet the 5 Wellness apps that you need on your smart phone and no, Tinder didn’t make the cut.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep cycle

If you have trouble switching off, this one’s for you. Using the iPhone’s accelerometer to record your sleeping habits during the night, Sleep Cycle takes the scientific approach of sleep cycle theory and aims to wake you at just the right time to ensure optimal rest. You set a window of time instead of one set alarm time, and then the app judges when the right time is to wake you. Some say creepy, we say cool.

iOS: Download from Apple Store
Android: Download from Google Play



Take the Headspace app for a 10 trial-run and you won’t even think twice about upgrading to a premium subscription. They describe themselves as a “personal meditation guide, right in your pocket”, offering hundreds of themed sessions from stress, to sleep.  There are even ‘SOS exercises’ for you to work on if you have a sudden melt down in the office (we’ve all been there), say bye-bye stress, hello Zen.

iOS: Download from Apple Store
Android: Download from Google Play

My Fitness Pal

My fitness pal

Well, they don’t say abs are made in the kitchen for nothing! This genius app is an easy way to track calories, macros (queue Google search), and you can even scan your food with a barcode nutrition scanner/ recipe importer. Who’d of thought that nutrition could become so digital savvy let alone simple? It’s just a shame you’ll no longer have an excuse when reaching for the cookie jar…

iOS: Download from Apple Store
Android: Download from Google Play

7 Minute Workout

7 Minute

Some may call it fitness for dummies, we call it a life saver in one click of a button! If you haven’t got time to head to the gym, or need a little help with workout inspo, 7 Minute Workout goes off scientific studies to provide users with the maximum benefit workouts in the shortest time possible. Tailor workouts to your needs, from HIIT to Cheerleading – gentlemen, this one’s for you.

iOS: Download from Apple Store
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Forget travelling to your next beauty appointment in an Uber, or soon to be black cab (boohoo!), we deliver the Spa to you. Our Sparista’s travel straight to your door, whether you’re at home, at a hotel, or even in the office, making it far too easy to increase your monthly massage to a weekly one – it would be rude not to, right? Providing a range of wellness and beauty services such as facials, eyelash extensions, massage and more, we’re one app you’ll want to save your battery for. WARNING: You will get hooked.

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From New York, London, Milan and Paris, the latest fashion trends have now been revealed for us mere mortals to immolate.

Check out our favourite makeup and nail look inspirations, to make sure you stay on flick!


Glossy Lids
Remember when you were 16 and experimenting with lipgloss as eye shadow? No?  Maybe it was just us then… Anyway, it’s officially a thing now and Tadashi Shoji and Sportmax say so too.


Matte Red
The classic red lip gets a modern makeover. Bloggers worldwide rejoice, as adorned by designers Jason Wu, Marco de Vincenzo and the ladies of one of our favourite blogger duos, Wardrobe Icons.


Glitter Lips
As if we needed any more excuses to add glitter to things, Fendi has now given it the fashion seal of approval. Shine on!

More Eyes
More graphic eyeshadows, more false eyelashes and more coverage. According to Moschino, Emilio Pucci and Antonio Marras, next spring/summer, more is more.


Pop Art
This fresh and fun nail art trend is making us dream of Summer 2017 already… Is it April yet? As seen in the show of Novis.

Glitter Contours
A trend suitable for boardroom meetings and nights out alike. Leave nails nude for optimal contrast and cool sophistication… Brought to us by Rodarte.


Did we mention that we have a weakness for shiny things? Metallic shades took over the catwalks and are now set to take over your nails too. Thanks Phillip Lim for making this happen.

Half and Half
Divide and rule. Let your hands do the talking with a cool new contrasting look. Warning: may cause serious nail envy from your girlfriends. As seen on models of Cushnie et Ochs.


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*Image credits: Nars Cosmetics, Sarah McGonagle, Tom Newton & Taylor Jewell