Nail Game

Glossy nails weeks after leaving the salon, not a chip in sight. The joys of having a gel manicure are endless (if chipped varnish is your pet hate), however with the highs also come the lows! Figuring out how to repair damaged nails after a gel manicure is one of them, and we’re here to pass on all of our worldly nail advice. The solution to keeping your nails perfectly prepped in time for the next mani is that of extreme pampering, and one thing we do know for sure is REFRAIN. FROM. PEELING.



Although gel is pretty notorious for causing brittle nails, all kinds of polish can be dehydrating to nail beds, so making sure that they stay hydrated is a must. Try soaking your nails in a formula that’s rich in moisturising ingredients, like Kocostar’s 5 Finger Nail Pack (£4) which uses the hero ingredient glycerine. You’ll be well on the path to nail recovery in no time…


Nail Nutrients

Get those nutrients in ladies! A diverse diet and balanced diet will do wonders for brittle nail beds, as well as the summer body we’ve all been yearning for. Your nails are made largely from keratin and need plenty of protein, zinc, calcium and B vitamins, so make sure that fruits and vegetables are featured in your daily diet, and try taking a vitamin that specifically addresses your nails (especially if you’re vegan and lacking milk in your diet). We personally love FutureBiotics Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins (£12.26), if you want long healthy nails and hair like Rapunzel then these are the ones for you.


Oil it up

It’s good to give your nails a little break in between gel manicures, allowing your nails to breathe and take in the shellac free air! Try massaging a targeted cuticle oil through the bed and tips of your nails, as well as a lubricating nail oil. Distressed nails respond really well to Vitamin E oil, apricot oil, and tea tree oil, and our favourite product out there has got to be this beauty from Margaret Dabbs (£12), which uses Tea Tree oil to Emu Oil to strengthen, protect and hydrate your nails.


Protect hands

UV rays from drying lamps may cause premature photo-ageing, which means loss of collagen , wrinkles and changes to pigmentation (who’s praising the Lord that we’re just talking about our fingers here!?). Applying hand cream with SPF in from fingers to elbows before your appointment could make just that little bit of difference when protecting your nail beds, and skin. May we have hands of 21 year olds forever. Deborah Lippmann knows manis, so this super-nourishing hand cream (£25) with SPF is like a protective spa for your thirsty hands. Your cuticles will love you for this, we promise.

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