Festival Ready

Festival season is well and truly underway – dust off the wellies and the bum bags ladies and gents! With Glastonbury and V-Fest just around the corner, it’s time to embrace this season’s biggest hair and beauty trends. Think bold; think irreverent, and keep scrolling for our favourite festi-approved trends to try out this summer.

All that glitters

All that glitters

It’s hard not to over do the sparkles at a festival, but for a modern, edgier look, keep it simple and highlight your cheeks by strobing your cheek bones with a thin layer of Vaseline and patting on a glitter of your choice. For something more dramatic, go for glitter lips that were seen on the Fendi and DKNY catwalks during fashion week in February. You could be covered in glitter for days after but who doesn’t need a little twinkle on a Monday morning?

Shine bright


Yes that’s right, we’re talking bold, bright and beautiful hues. When else would neon be acceptable? For heavily saturated brights, try Urban Decay’s newly released Electric Pressed Pigment Palette. This is the only time we’ll tell you to close the naked palette, and unleash your inner colour junkie!

Twist & turn


Braids are always a go to for festivals, and not just because you’ve ran out of dry shampoo! With the likes of Zoe Kravitz and Cara Delevigne rocking braided styles this year, we advise you get yourself to any on-site braid bars and have them give you an all-in up-do that will last the whole weekend. For a cheaper alternative, take a look at youtube tutorials and have a whirl at playing hairdresser.

Go gold

Hair rings

To keep your festive chic look going strong with 4-day old hair, spruce it up with some golden hair threads or hair rings, which can be wrapped and clipped in to your hair. Loved by the fashion set of late, this bargain accessory can be picked up for just pennies at your local haberdashery, or from stores like ASOS.

Floral delight


It’s all about the intricate floral face tattoos (temporary, of course) around the forehead and temple. We’re talking boho, hippie chic, step away from the metallic arrows and triangles, and trial these Topshop wildflower tattoos.

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