Private Yoga Sessions at Home – All You Need to Know

Missing your yoga classes? Good news! You can now book private yoga sessions at home on the USPAAH app оr directly online with some of London’s most skilled instructors. We spoke with two of our expert yogis, Carola and Vanessa, on the benefits of private yoga sessions vs studio classes, and what you can expect from your first session…

What are the benefits of taking a private yoga session at home? 

Carola: “No time gets wasted in commuting, the class starts when it is the most convenient for you. You can try different instructors in the convenience of your living room. Studios can be scary places, especially for beginners, lots of competition and teachers cannot give complete attention to 10+ students, with different bodies, abilities and fitness.”

What can you expect in a private yoga session?

Vanessa : “You can expect a really great experience catered specifically to your needs. If you have back problems, we can do a sequence to help that, if you’re a little more tired that day, we can make the class more gentle. You can expect to finish feeling relaxed and revitalised.”

What’s the difference to a regular yoga class?

Carola: “In a regular class, the teacher has to teach a diverse pool of students without having the time and the attention to give personalised instructions. Often classes in London are open-level which can make it frustrating for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Beginners may struggle to keep up and advanced practitioners may feel stagnant or stuck in their practice.”

What more can you achieve with private yoga sessions?

Carola: “Private classes are bespoke – you choose which areas of the body to focus on, how long you’d like your relaxation, if you’d like some breath work or mediation or if you’d like to work on a particular posture (asana).”

Are private yoga sessions suitable for all levels?

Vanessa: “Yes, private lessons are perfect for all levels because we can adapt the class especially for you/the client. There can be a continuous conversation through the class, if necessary, to make sure we are working at your appropriate level at all times.”

What are the health benefits of yoga?

Carola: “The benefits depend on your expectation and motivations for practising. Many people start practising to improve flexibility and strength or to wind down after a busy day.

Students within 4/5 sessions feel something changing in their bodies. They feel healthier and fitter. Some feel calmer and more relaxed. After a few months of practice, some start feeling some changes in the way they think: they feel more focused and less agitated by the ups and downs of life. 

Research has found that yoga can help with innumerable ailments, both physical and mental: from reducing blood pressure to improving bone density; from coping with anxiety to healing trauma. 

For some, yoga becomes a lifestyle and opens the door to higher consciousness. It is up to you what yoga can give you.”

Carola Chiarpenello (left) is a Power, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Instructor, and Vanessa Page (right) specialises in Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga. You can book them for a private session via the USPAAH app now.

Book your private yoga session online or via the USPAAH app. For £15 off your first session use the code YOGA15 at checkout.

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