How To Make Your Gel Nails Last Longer

There are many reasons to get a gel manicure. Even though they are slightly more pricey than your typical classic manicure, they will last much longer. If you treat your gel manicure the right way, you can expect your nails to remain glossy and un-chipped for up to 3 weeks.

How to care for your gel nails

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  • Use a hand and nail moisturiser – A gel manicure has the tendency to dry out your nails a little. Therefore, moisturiser is essential, unless you want dry, cracked nail beds before and after your manicure comes off.
  • Use Cuticle oil: Massaging in cuticle oil such as almond oil can help improve the health and appearance of your nails and can make the gel polish last longer.
  • Use moisturising hand wash – Avoid alcohol based hand gels, instead wash your hands with some moisturising soap as this will benefit both your manicure and your skin.

Could a gel manicure last a whole month?

gel nails at home serviceThe typical promise for gel nails is a two-week life cycle. If you follow our advice and take care of your nails, then you might even be able to get an entire month’s wear out of a single manicure.

  • Do not pick at your nails – This one might seem obvious, but do not pick at your nails, however tempting it may seem. The less you fiddle with your fingers, the less likely it is your nails will chip. After all, pedicures tend to last much longer than manicures because our toes are usually hidden within socks or sandals.
  • Avoid soaking – On top of this, try to avoid lengthy soaks in a steaming hot bath. Warm water is exactly the type of thing that will harm the gel on your nails and cause it to peel.
  • Topcoat for extra protection – It is also worth investing in some top coat of your own, so that you can reapply it every few days or so. This keeps the protective layer on top of your gel safe and strong.

Gel manicure aftercare

After a month of gel, you need to resist the urge to pick the manicure off with your fingers. Have it removed by a professional using soak-off products. They know how to protect your cuticles and nail bed after long term gel polish treatment. It is also best practice to give your nails a break and wait a few days before reapplying a new gel manicure.

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