Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin Treatment Review – All You Need to Know

You may have already heard of the frizz-fighting Keratin blow dry, but is it right for you? Read on for everything you need to know before booking your appointment.

What is a Keratin blow dry treatment?

Keratin blow dry treatment is a chemical treatment in which a special formula containing keratin and a range of proteins is used to coat the hair. The formula is worked into your hair using the heat from a blow dryer and straightening irons. This provides an overall improved sleekness and shine. It helps to improve the condition of damaged or overly treated hair and provides you with better manageability. A keratin blow dry treatment is not a straightening treatment, but it does make straightening and styling your hair much easier.

What does a Keratin treatment do?

A Keratin treatment will smooth your hair and make it appear healthier and less damaged. It will relax your curl pattern if you have curly hair and provide a sleek finish to frizzy, straight hair.

The procedure – what to expect

Your Sparista will begin with an individual consultation about your hair condition and desired look. They will then proceed with washing hair with clarifying shampoo followed by application of the Keratin product. After a 20-30min soak, your Sparista will complete the treatment with a blow dry and straighten.

To prepare, simply lay out a couple of towels, and choose a comfortable area to sit near an electrical socket.

Please avoid washing hair or visiting steam rooms or saunas for 72 hours. Our expert stylists work with a selection of approved premium brands such as Coco Choco, Perola and Acai Professional.

Is the Keratin treatment for curly hair?

Keratin treatment is suitable for curly hair. While the treatment itself will not straighten your curls, it will relax your curl pattern so it is looser, less coarse, and easier to style.

Is the Keratin treatment for frizzy straight hair?

Keratin treatment is suitable for frizzy, straight hair. It will provide a smoother finish to hair, making it sleeker and easier to manage.

How long does a Keratin treatment last?

A Keratin blow dry treatment can last for up to three months; however, you will begin to notice your hair becoming frizzy again at around the ten-week mark.

How to wash hair after Keratin treatment

After you have had a Keratin treatment, you must not wash your hair for three days. Once the three days have passed, you are free to wash and style your hair as you like. However, using a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner will maintain the sleek finish of the treatment for longer.

How much is a keratin hair treatment?

The Brazilian Keratin blow dry treatment is offered from £120, however, the cost will depend on the length of your hair.

You can book a Keratin treatment or find out more about our other hair services here. To book your appointment, download our app or book online and save £10 on your first treatment with the code NEW10.

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