Summer is here and it’s not just women who are worried about getting beach ready, it’s men too! If you’re a guy preparing for the beach, then check out these top 5 tips to help get you ready!

To help you get beach ready, we are also offering our customers an exclusive £10 off all treatments this summer with code VACAY10.

1. De-fluff with a wax

There is nothing wrong with body hair, but a back rug doesn’t go well with wet sand. So, if you don’t want to take the beach home with you, then you’ll need a tidy up. You’ll not only look great, you’ll feel wonderful and silky too Our highly trained Sparistas come straight to your home with full back waxes starting from just £55.

2. Put your best foot forward

If you normally keep your feet locked in lace-ups, then it’s about time to make the most of the sun with a pair of sandals. However, before you decide to set your feet free, you’ll need to trim, snip, and buff your toe nails first. But don’t despair, our Sparistas can sort you out with a pedicure at home. They will start by trimming the nails (square edges will ensure the nails doesn’t dig into your skin), and finish off by buffing them smooth with a file. Download the app to book yours now – prices start from just £44.

Also. check out our latest video showing one of our Sparistas giving our lovely client his first EVER pedicure!!

3. Fake it with a spray tan

Everyone dreads that moment they have to take their shirt off on their first day at the beach and expose their pale and untanned skin. Well, why not fake it till you make it with a cheeky spray tan beforehand? Not to mention that spray tans have the added benefit of making you appear more contoured. With spray tans starting at just £45, we’ll get you beach ready in no time at all.

Don’t forget to ensure you are protected with a high enough SPF. The sun dehydrates our skin badly, so keep moisturizing and drinking lots of water.

4. Get a facial

With all that body prep, it can be easy to forget that your face needs some attention too. We can help you relax your skin with a relaxing facial that can focus on problem areas such as clogged pores or dry skin or just generally help you rejuvenate. Our Sparistas come to the comfort of your own home from only £74.

5. And when all that’s done, relax with a massage

Prepping for a holiday can be an exhausting task. And all that hard work deserves a treat, right? Let our Sparistas help you unwind with a massage at home – choose from a Deep Muscle Recovery or a Swedish Relaxing Massage, starting at £43.

Let our Sparistas get you beach ready

Whether its hair removal, spray tans or pedicures you’re after, our Sparistas will sort you out so you’re ready for the sun.

Simply download our app to make a booking. And don’t forget to use code VACAY10 this summer for 10% all treatments!


*Code valid until 3rd September 2018, not combinable with other promotions, one code per customer

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