Overdid the tanning this summer? Don’t worry, USPAAH is here to help! Here are our top skincare secrets that we believe will rejuvenate your burnt out skin…

1. Micellar water

In big cities like London, the air is full of toxic emissions from vehicles. These pollutants land on the surface of the skin, causing inflammation and damaging the proteins and lipids there. Micellar water is one of the best kinds of water for skin. It contains micelles – oil molecules that are attracted to dirt – so it gets rid of these toxins without drying the skin.

2. Oils

Everybody knows that keeping the skin moisturised is an important part of any anti-ageing routine. But not many people are using oils like blue orchid, rosehip, or African marula as part of their routine. These oils will help keep the skin looking young and healthy, first by removing blemishes caused by your skin’s own “bad” oils, but at the same time, they also keep the skin super-moisturised. Big wins all around!

3. Facials

The London lifestyle and environment can be challenging and ageing on your skin, but help to refresh and renew your complexion is never far away! Our Sparistas will bring a range of top quality products and everything needed to deliver a refreshing or deep cleansing facial which will be tailored to meet your individual needs and skin type. Our Sparistas uses only premium brands such as NuSkin, Comfort Zone, Dermalogica, Neal’s Yard and Decleor. Products are chosen to be most suited to your unique needs, and of course your own personal preferences are always taken into account. Choose from an express, refreshing treatment, or a full 90 minute anti-ageing facial – prices start from just £74.

4. Massages

Wait, a massage can improve how your skin looks? Yes it can – by reducing stress levels, which speed up the ageing process by releasing stress hormones like cortisol. So if you’re feeling a little run down, treat yourself to a massage. A good deep tissue massage will lift your mood, reduce tension in your body, and leave you feeling refreshed. This will lower your stress hormone levels and give a protective effect against ageing. You can book yours now with USPAAH from just £43.

5. Exercise

Some scientists have found that the fountain of youth might actually be in the gym! The skin is made of several layers, and over time the outer layers get thicker, while the inner layers get thinner. This extra weight on the outside causes the skin to sag. However, scientists at McMaster University in Ontario found that exercising at moderate intensity for 1-3 hours a week actually reversed this process, and made skin look younger! Feeling tired after this workout? Don’t forget to treat yourself to a full body massage with USPAAH.

How USPAAH can help…

Whether its facials, massages, or even more skincare tips you are after, our Sparistas at USPAAH are here to help.

Simply download the app here and book your treatment any time between 7 am and 10 am, within the hour, or up to three weeks ahead. Oh, and don’t forget to use code NEW10 for £10 off your first booking!

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