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Who said a beautiful tan is only for the summer? With USPAAH, you can now achieve and maintain a sun-kissed glow all year round. Our expert beauticians come fully equipped with a tent, towels and only work with premium brands such as Sienna and Vita Liberata.

Everyone will ask, did she or didn’t she? 


Preparation is the key. Exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub or cleanser to get a deeper tan. This prep removes dead skin cells and other debris that can block tanning agents and cause streaks. Also get shaving out of the way before your tanning appointment to avoid stripping your colour and irritating your skin.

Moisturise to maintain the glow. Moisturise before and after your tanning session. Using lotion on a regular basis will keep your skin perfectly primed for even coverage and prevent your colour from fading. For best results, apply a daily lotion all over your body after showering to create a protective seal that locks in your skin’s colour.

Avoid getting wet and wear loose, dark clothing. Try not to get wet for 8 hours after your application. While you might see a hint of colour almost immediately, a typical spray tan takes about 8 hours to fully develop. If possible, wait a full day until your next shower. In the meantime, wear loose-fitting outfits to prevent your colour from rubbing off on your clothes.

USPAAH Spray Tan £45