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At-Home Spa Massage in Hammersmith and Fulham

Remedial Sports Massage
£64 from £54 (with first booking code NEW10)

A targetted therapeutic treatment aimed at relieving tension in deep muscle groups. Designed to combat sore muscles, back pain or poor posture, as well as improving blood circulation overall.

Swedish Relaxing Massage
£59 from £49 (with first booking code NEW10)

A classic full body treatment tailored to your needs. Designed to take you to ultimate levels of relaxation and improve blood circulation by using a series of targeted motions.

Deep Tissue Massage
£64 from £54 (with first booking code NEW10)

A treatment designed to relieve tension and combat sore muscles by implementing targeted strokes. Also good for treating back pain and poor posture, as well as improving overall blood circulation.

Thai Massage
£64 from £54 (with first booking code NEW10)

Combining acupressure and deep tissue massage techniques, your treatment will address neck, shoulder and back pain as well as improve your flexibility through gentle stretches.

Anti Cellulite Toning
£59 from £49 (with first booking code NEW10)

Your Sparista uses specialist techniques to break up fatty cellulite deposits and leave you with a more contoured body shape and firmer, better toned skin.

Pregnancy Pain Relief
£64 from £54 (with first booking code NEW10)

Your therapist will alleviate the common stresses and pains which pregnancy may bring using long and kneading strokes. Treatment can reduce fluid retention and stabilise hormonal levels by calming the nervous system.

Couples Massage
£128 from £118 (with first booking code NEW10)

2 Therapists arrive with professional massage beds and organic custom-made massage oils. Choose from Swedish Relaxing or Deep Muscle Recovery treatments.

Chair Massage
£54 from £44 (with first booking code NEW10)

Our therapists come with a massage chair to your office or home, and you are welcome to split their time in 5 or 10, or 15min mini treatments targeting back, neck, shoulders and arms.

All our staff work in compliance with the latest Covid19 precautions.

massage therapists visiting your home

When the ultimate luxury is time, a mobile massage in Hammersmith and Fulham has much to offer you. The USPAAH high-end home spa service, allows you to book a range of massage service options instantly and receive the treatment of your choice in the comfort of your own space. You won’t waste time travelling to your massage in Hammersmith, and you can set up an appointment any time you realise you have an unexpected gap in your schedule.

Visiting Massage Therapists Near You in Hammersmith and Fulham

couples massage at home service

Any of the treatments listed below can be booked for any day of the week, start off your Sunday morning with a relaxing massage in Fulham or celebrate the weekend with a Friday evening couples massage. Options available are:

Swedish relax and unwind – A great way to wind down at the end of the week. Your Sparista will complete a full-body treatment drawing on the classic techniques of the Swedish massage system.

Deep muscle recovery – Chronic back pain, frequent headaches, stiff shoulders, or even restrictions in movement can all be signs that deep muscles have gone into a state of tension. This restricts blood flow, means that toxins aren’t carried away from the muscles as efficiently as they should be, and can result in long-standing aches and feelings of deep fatigue. Your therapist will work on deep muscle groups to break down adhesions and encourage elimination of metabolic by-products.

Anti-cellulite firm and tone – A perfect way to get ready for a beach holiday. Using specific techniques your masseuse will break down the fatty deposits of cellulite found most often on thighs, upper arms and buttocks. Lymphatic drainage is stimulated so that the broken down fat can be flushed from the body. You’ll be left with smoother and better-toned skin.

Pregnancy massage – A Sparista to come to your home and give you a gentle massage geared towards the particular issues that can present during pregnancy. Quite apart from promoting the production of the body’s natural stress-relieving hormones, your massage home service can alleviate back pain, swelling in the extremities, as well as headaches and other unpleasant side effects of pregnancy.

Couples massage – Two therapists who’ll come to you and provide massage services in Fulham for both yourself and your partner. Expect the sense of peace produced by a massage to linger long after your treatments are over.

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All USPAAH therapists are reference vetted, qualified and certified in their speciality and committed to our aims of providing first-class massage therapies in your home. Get massage services in Hammersmith, West Kensington or Parsons Green by using our online contact form, by emailing concierge@uspaah.com, or via our phone app. When you’re looking for an immediate appointment we aim to have someone with you within the hour. Alternatively, reserve massage services in Fulham or Hammersmith for up to three weeks in advance of your chosen session time.

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