A guide to after waxing care

Everyone remembers their first wax. It can feel scary and uncertain, especially if you’ve only ever used a razor.

For those of you who are thinking about switching to waxing, or have already booked your first appointment, we’ve put together an essential post-care guide to get you through your first wax and beyond.

How long does waxing last?

professional leg waxing at home by uspaah

The length of time a wax lasts will depend on the body area being waxed and how quickly your hair grows. For example, a leg wax may last up to six weeks whilst bikini waxes may need refreshing after three to four weeks.

After you’ve had your first waxing treatment, you will quickly learn what is right for your body and lifestyle. As a starting point, most waxing therapists will recommend between four to six weeks between treatments, then once you have learnt how quickly your hair regrows you can re-book in the right time frame for you.

How to make your skin softer for longer

Exfoliating regularly is the key to soft, smooth skin when you’ve waxed. One of the easiest ways to incorporate regular (and gentle!) exfoliation into your skincare routine is to use an exfoliating glove in the shower. When you exfoliate two – three times a week, you will remove dead skin and crucially, prevent ingrown hairs. Treat yourself to a rich moisturiser afterwards to make your skin feel silky soft.

How do you treat skin after waxing?

After your wax, the area may be a little red and tender which is completely normal. Try to avoid tight-fitting clothes to your waxing service and the next day to not cause friction and irritate your skin. As a general rule, for the first 24 hours avoid exfoliation or applying any deodorants, make-up or soaps to the area.

How do I make my skin smooth after waxing?

Maintaining a regular exfoliation and moisturising routine in the weeks after your wax will help keep your skin smooth after waxing. Plus, don’t forget to book your next appointment to maintain a regular schedule to avoid getting caught out and shaving in between waxes, which can impact the regrowth of the hair.

Once you try waxing with USPAAH and experience the long-lasting soft effects, you will never go back, especially with our handy care guide.