Wedding Countdown

As Craig David once crooned way back when, a lot can happen in 7 days! With just one week to go until the big day, we’re hoping that your beauty prep plan is set in stone. Even so, we’ve listed a few top tips that will help you be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.



Add that extra bit of HIIT training to help you burn fat in a short space of time! You must try one of our favourite cycle classes by Psycle London, offering high intensity, low impact, head to toe workouts on a bike – believe us when we say you’ll leave their studio on an exercise HIGH!



Why not try our Anti Age Facial, a treatment that purifies, nourishes and tones the skin? If not, we love the Bio Lifting Mask by CHANTECAILLE. Often described as a face-lift in a jar, the revitalising and cooling formula virtually irons out your face! If you have sensitive skin however, stick to calming facials before you try out new products so soon to the wedding.



Step away from the G&T! Cut back on alcohol, salt and other foods that make you bloat, and incorporate green juices to maximise on de-bloating and antioxidant consumption/ digestion. If you don’t have time to prepare everything yourself then try out celebrity favourite, Plenish Juice Clease, a premium delivery service offering fresh, juice cleanses – they even have specialised Bridal packages to help boost energy levels, achieve glowing skin, and lose a few pounds! Food wise, think veggies, healthy fats like avocado and fatty fish like salmon, loaded with skin-glowing antioxidants, they’re perfect for pre wedding day prep.



You must have planned your waxing and threading for around now, but why not give eyebrow mapping a try? Experts determine exactly where your ideal brow should start, arch and end #eyebrowenvy. We’re so into this treatment, take a look at Benefit’s free of charge brow-mapping service, and see what a well-shaped brow can do for your face!



What the bride wants, the bride gets 😉 Destress with one of our Deep Tissue Massages… any excuse!


Nails A

Mani and Pedi time! Check out OPI’s amazing range of Nudes and taupes to suit your skin tone here. Choose from best-selling beige tinged taupes like ‘Berlin There Done That’ or try a taste of sweet creamy nudes like ‘Dulce De Leche‘ to achieve the look of naked nails.


Take a moment to step back and relax. All of your hard work, (tantrums) and excitement have all been leading up to tomorrow; now it’s time to enjoy the best day of your life. Promise.

If you want to book in for some of your favourite treatments in the final week before your special day, then Contact USPAAH on 020 7101 3534 or email

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