Massage treatments historically, were a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, long before modern spa culture turned the concept of a massage treatment into a “luxury treat” to be had only on special occasions. Even Hippocrates prescribed diet, exercise, massage and hydrotherapy, as essential ways to strengthen and build up the body’s inherent resistance to disease.

So whether you choose a basic Swedish or Deep Tissue ritual, or you try a more specialized Sports or Pregnancy massage treatment (for all you expecting mums), here are 5 very good reasons why you need to start following the ancient wisdom of Hippocrates as soon as you can.

  1. Look and feel younger – Yes, a regular massage can help tremendously with skin rejuvenation. As blood flow throughout the body is increased, cells begin to receive a super dose of nutrients which speed up the process of tissue regeneration.
  1. Prevent cancer, increase metabolism– As early as 1931, studies showed that the primary cause of cancer is related to oxygen-deprived cells. Immediately after a massage, circulation is increased, which helps more oxygen molecules to enter the bloodstream supplying cells with this essential ingredient. Oxygen also plays a vital role in every metabolic process in our body, thus the more of it that reaches our bloodstream, the higher our energy levels.
  1. Reduce swelling and fluid retention – As major muscle groups are worked on, the muscle fibers get separated and relaxed. This, in turn, helps to reduce the buildup of fluids around the joints, thus reducing inflammation and pain after a heavy work out.
  1. Reduce cellulite – A woman’s battle with cellulite is a never-ending one, but incorporating a regular anti-cellulite massage in your routine can certainly help you achieve the smooth skin you are aiming for. The moves involved help to remove dead skin, loosen accumulated fats under the skin’s surface, and help to flush out fat residues.
  1. Alleviate pregnancy aches – A pregnancy massage is usually recommended after the first trimester and the benefits for mum and baby altogether are numerous. We will certainly dedicate a whole feature just on this topic, but in short, a pregnancy massage helps to decrease anxiety and stress, improve sleep and decrease leg and back pain, thus helping the expectant mother to feel more energized and invigorated.

How often should you have a massage?

 Ideally, once a week. The body goes through a 3-day healing state after each treatment, during which time the positive effects can be felt the most. A week after treatment, the healing and repair states are completed and the body returns to its normal functions. Therefore, a weekly therapy is most beneficial in order to achieve long lasting results.

Nevertheless, a massage every 2-5 weeks will still improve your overall condition especially in reducing stress and muscle tension.

USPAAH offers Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish, Pregnancy and Anti-Cellulite massages performed with the all natural oils of Aroma Works in the comfort of your home.

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